Scotland Travel

Scotland is a beautiful, unique and vibrant country offering a little bit of something for everyone. Travelling in Scotland offers a whole host of opportunities, particularly if you take the time to explore all the country has on offer. There are also a whole host of ways to travel Scotland to ensure that you take in all of the country.

Scotland Travel Tips – Traveling By Rail

Scotland has excellent rail connections between its seven cities and across the country. Although there are efficient, practical train routes, there are also plenty of scenic rail journeys to embark on when visiting Scotland.

The Glasgow-Ayr-Stranraer rail journey allows you to explore some of Scotland’s stunning scenery without traveling further than two and a half hours from Glasgow. The route starts in Glasgow Central Station, in the heart of the city, and takes you past three gorgeous lochs – Castle Semple, Barr and Kilbirnie – towards the towns of Irvine and Troon. The train then continues south to the beautiful sea side town of Ayr. Ayr has been made famous by the world-renowned poet Robert Burns. Robert Burns called the neighbouring town of Alloway his home, and you can still visit his home and the information centre to this day.  The trip continues southward, providing splendid views of Ailsa Craig, the striking bird sanctuary island. As you continue along the tracks towards Stanraer, there are plenty of opportunities to take in wonderful views of lochs, mountains and rivers.

The West Highland Line from Glasgow to Oban is another spectacular rail route, again, starting in the heart of Glasgow. As the train travels north, you are spoilt with views of lochs, mountains and even a castle. The route is perfect if you are looking to embrace typical Scottish scenery, and all in a matter of 3 hours.


Scotland Travel Tips – Traveling By Car

Scotland has 12 national tourist routes which are perfect if you are planning a road trip while exploring the country.

The North and West Highlands Route allow you to take in the stunning north and west coasts of Scotland. From stunning stretches of sandy beaches to impressive mountains and lochs, this route is truly breath-taking. The 158mile route takes you from Ullapool to John O’Groats, with plenty of opportunities to stop in some quaint towns and villages as you take in the gorgeous scenery. Highlights of the route include: Smoo Cave, Caithness Horizons and the Castle of Mey. The North Highland Way also follows a similar route, while taking in areas of true wilderness if you want to see something a bit different.

The Fife Coastal Route is a brilliant route for a road trip, particularly if you are planning on visiting Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh. The route allows you to take in some spectacular views of the iconic Forth bridges, the route also passes through some beautiful seaside villages, which are definitely worth stopping off in. Highlights of the route includes the famous town of St Andrews (with plenty of activities for the whole family) and Deep Sea World near the start of the route. If you are looking to take in more of Fife and want to take your time exploring the coast, then the Fife Coastal Path, which again, takes in some of the greatest areas of Scotland.

Scotland Travel Adventures – Island Hopping

With over 790 islands in Scotland, there are certainly some hidden gems that are well worth a visit when traveling in Scotland. Island hopping allows you to venture out to some of these striking islands and explore Scotland beyond the main land. Whether you are looking to explore the ancient settlement of Skara Brae on Orkney, or take a trip to the white sandy beaches of the Outer Hebrides, there are some unique and breath-taking island hopping opportunities in Scotland. Arran is a brilliant island to visit if you want to take in all of Scotland in one go. In fact, the island is often called “Scotland in Miniature” due to the nature of the island, making it perfect if you only have a short time in Scotland. You could even walk the Arran Coastal Way to make the most of all the island has to offer.

Walking and Hiking

Scotland travel doesn’t get much better than when you are walking. Walking and hiking across the country offers up some unforgettable experiences. Whether you scale Ben Nevis (the highest mountain in Britain) or wander the Great Glen Way, looking up at the snow capped mountains, you are sure to find a walking route to suit you. Scotland is home to some of the worlds most beautiful landscapes, landscapes which are easy to miss by car or train. By taking the time to explore Scotland by foot, you can be sure that you won’t miss a single bit. At EasyWays, we offer a wide range of Scottish walks which allow you to explore Scotland’s greatest areas.

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