Scotland Vacation

Scotland is a beautiful place to visit, year round, with a wide range of seasonal activities to try on your Scotland vacation. Scotland has four seasons, each offering some unique and memorable experiences on your vacation.


Spring is a brilliant time to embark on a Scotland vacation, particularly if you are looking to see nature bursting with new life. Some of the greatest sights of spring include: the rare red squirrel; beautiful bluebells; seabird colonies; ospreys; the fascinating capercaillie and wading birds on the machair. Spring is an excellent time to go on vacation in Scotland and explore all that the countryside of Scotland has on offer. Coming to Scotland for spring is also a great way to “spring clean” your body by taking in the fresh clean air and embarking on some beautiful walks across this glorious country.

Walking and hiking are brilliant ways to ensure that you make the most of Scottish nature in spring. From walking past adorable lambs and calves to spotting puffins along the North Highland Way, you are never short of things to do in Scotland in spring.


Due to the northern location of Scotland, summer days are as much as 4 hours longer than days in London. With more hours of sunlight, you can certainly pack a lot more into your days while on a Scotland vacation. Furthermore, there are a whole host of events held across Scotland during the summer months, from highland games to festivals, there is something for everyone. Summer is the best time to try out one of Scotland’s many outdoor activities. From surfing and white water rafting to walking and bird watching, there is a little bit of everything in Scotland.

Summer is also a great time to make the most of one of Scotland’s 566 golf courses – some of which are world famous. A great way to make the most of Scotland’s summer is to walk the Fife Coastal Path. The route takes in some iconic landscapes, including the Forth road bridges and the town of St Andrews. Furthermore, this route starts near the capital city, Edinburgh, home to Edinburgh Festival in the summer months. Why not spend a few days at the festival before embarking on the walk then finish up your Scotland vacation with a round of golf at the world-famous “Old Course” is St Andrews. Walking tours are a great way to make the most of your Scotland Vacation.


As the weather starts to cool, the trees start to turn golden and red, decorating the country in beautiful colours. Autumn is a wonderful time to visit Scotland to embrace nature as it prepares for the cold winter ahead. There are also plenty of festivals which take place across the country which celebrate the change in seasons. The Enchanted Forest in Perthshire provides an opportunity like no other as you walk through the illuminated forest at night. With a range of different lighting displays to showcase the beauty of autumn, you will certainly create some lovely memories.

The Arran Coastal Way is a great walking route for those looking to embrace all Scotland has on offer during the autumn months. Also known as “Scotland in Miniature”, a trip to Arran certainly showcases the beauty of Scotland in autumn.

In Scotland, Guy Fawkes night is also celebrated at the tail end of autumn, with spectacular bonfires and firework displays taking place across the country. Visiting one of these celebrations is a wonderful way to embrace the Scottish culture and atmosphere of the country.


There is nothing quite like the fresh crisp air of a winter morning in Scotland. Through winter, Scotland twinkles with frosty snow and Christmas lights as people gather round roaring fires with a warm drink in hand. Whether you are looking to relax and enjoy the festive season, or go out and embrace the winter sports, you are sure to find plenty to do on your Scotland vacation in winter.

If you are looking for European style markets, then head to Edinburgh and Glasgow and embrace the hustle and bustle of the city as the cold air tickles your cheeks. You can even go ice-skating at the Christmas fayre in Edinburgh to truly embrace the cold weather. Visiting the cities for New Years (better known as Hogmanay in Scotland) is also a great way to make the most of your time in Scotland. Edinburgh is famous for the brilliant celebrations which take over the streets as people flock to the capital to bring in the New Year.

However, if you are looking for something outside the busy cities, there are plenty of opportunities to ski, sledge and enjoy the snow across the country, particularly in the Highlands. The Highlands are covered in snow during the winter months, making them incredibly popular with snow sport enthusiasts and tourists alike.

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