Scottish Breaks

Scotland is a beautiful country, rich in culture, history and adventure. Scotland has something on offer for everyone, particularly those who love the great outdoors. People flock to Scotland to experience a break like no other. But what makes Scottish breaks so special?

The People

Scotland is a friendly, welcoming country, filled with warm, happy people. In fact, Edinburgh is considered to be one of the friendliest cities in the world. The people of Scotland are incredibly proud of their heritage and are incredibly proud of their rich history. People from around the globe have ancestral ties to Scotland who are just as passionate and empowered by Scottish history as the natives. People travel from around the world to visit Scotland and explore the land their ancestors once called home.

Scotland has been home to some truly wonderful and talented people, who are still known around the world to this day. Robert Burns is arguably one of the world’s most famous Scot, having found fame in writing over 200 years ago. To this day, people continue to visit Scotland to visit the home of this national treasure and to walk the land he once called home. Other famous Scots include Mary Queen of Scots and William Wallace who helped shaped Scotland into the country it is today.

The Weather

Scottish weather is renowned for being unpredictable, in fact, it’s not unusual to experience all four seasons in one day. Fortunately, Scotland remains a stunning, breath-taking country come rain or shine, with plenty to do and see, whatever the weather.

The Wildlife

The Scottish wildlife is varied, unique and beautiful, from Highland Cows to the Capercaillie Scottish wildlife is certainly special. Scottish breaks offer plenty of unique opportunities to see rare species in their native habitats. Whether that is puffins and whales on the northern coast or golden eagles and red deer in the highland regions, there is something for everyone. The best way to catch a glimpse of Scotland’s wonderful wildlife is by foot, walking and hiking across Scotland’s stunning landscapes. Routes such as the North Highland Way offer plenty of opportunities to see the unique wildlife Scotland has on offer.

History in Scotland

Scotland has a long, and complex history filled with great battles, Vikings, ancient tribes and incredible inventors. With so much history, it is no wonder that so many people flock to Scotland to explore the rich history. Furthermore, many of historic landmarks still stand today, allowing natives and guests a like to gain a real insight into Scotland’s past. In fact, some of Scotland’s oldest settlements still stand today.

Skara Brae is a remarkable site, dating back to Neolithic times. The site has been well-preserved allowing you to see what like was like thousands of years ago. As well as ancient settlements, there are over 2000 castles in Scotland. Some of the castles are now in ruins, while others are as impressive as when they were first built. Each and every castle has its own story, and there are some great castles worth visiting on your Scottish break.

Walking and Hiking Scottish Breaks

Scotland is made up of varied and beautiful landscapes. From the highlands to Loch Lomond, there are walking routes for all ages and abilities. People travel to Scotland from all over the world for more than just the history, and a walking tour is certainly a great way to see the country. Walking tours provide the chance to see some truly unique landscapes, and there is no better way to see Scottish wildlife than by foot.

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