Scottish Holidays

Scotland is a vibrant and diverse country with activities and opportunities for people of all ages from all walks of life. Whether you are adventurous and love the outdoors, or enjoy relaxing and exploring history – Scotland has it all. Scottish holidays are like no other, and allow you to create memories which will last a life time.


Scotland is home to over 2000 castles, scattered across mountains, glens and cliffs. Whether you are looking for a fairy tale castle or a haunted ruin, Scotland has the castle for you. St Andrews castles is just one of Scotland’s castles, which remains picturesque, despite its state of ruin. St Andrew’s castle is located in the town of St Andrews, which is famous for a number of reasons. St Andrews is known for being the “Home of Golf” as well as home to St Andrews University, one of the oldest universities in Britain. Prince William even attended St Andrews University, with many people flocking to the town to explore the town the Prince once called home. As well as the castle, there are a number of other historical landmarks in St Andrews, such as the cathedral. The town is the perfect stop along the Fife Coastal Path if you are looking to explore some of Scotland’s fantastic history or if you are an avid golf fan.

If you would rather explore inside a castle, then Brodick Castle on the Isle of Arran is a great addition to any Scottish holiday. The castle has a rich history which is demonstrated as you make your way through the beautiful areas of the castle. Brodick Castle boasts spectacular views across Brodick Bay to the Firth of Clyde. The castle itself is set against Goat Fell Mountain, providing some truly breath-taking views when you look at the castle from below. No visit to Arran is complete without a visit to the castle, and the island itself is a great addition to any Scottish holidays. In fact, the Arran Coastal Way provides brilliant opportunities to explore the island which is said to be “Scotland in Miniature”.

Scotland has a whole host of castles to explore, and a visit to a castle is a definite must on any Scottish holiday.

Food and Drink

Scotland is the birth place of some truly weird and wonderful food and drink.  The most famous of these has to be haggis and whiskey, which is associated with Scotland and Scottish people across the world.

Haggis is Scotland’s national dish, and it is a truly fascinating dish. In fact, there is a whole legend surrounding the famous dish, the legend of the haggis. A creature said to have two legs shorter than the others, to enable it to travel efficiently up and down the many hills and mountains of Scotland. However, their brown, bushy hair makes them notorious to spot, and there have been no sightings of any wild haggis for centuries, however, the legend of the haggis continues. Possibly the biggest day of the year for haggis is the 25th of January, the birthday of world-famous Scottish poet, Robert Burns. The dish is particularly popular at this time of the year due to Burns’ famous poem, “Address to a Haggis”, a poem which reflects Burns’ love of the Scottish “pudding”.

Whiskey is the world-famous Scottish drink, and is also Scotland’s biggest export. Whiskey is collected by many around the globe, with people splashing thousands of pounds on rare bottles (and even hundreds of thousands of pounds in some rare cases). The distilling process has been perfected across the country over thousands of years, with each whiskey region developing their own individual process. A popular activity on many Scottish holidays is a visit to one of Scotland’s whiskey distilleries. Whether you love or loathe the drink, a visit to a Scottish Whiskey distillery is a must.

Viewing and experiencing the process is enjoyable and interesting, and many distilleries even offer truly unique and bespoke experiences to create memories to last a lifetime. Kingsbarns Distillery and visitor centre is a great place to visit when walking the Fife Coastal Path. The new distillery is perfecting the Whiskey making process, using water and barley from the wonderful Kingdom of Fife. The centre is open all year and offers some insightful tours of the distillery. If you are looking for one of the older distilleries, you certainly have plenty to chose from, with Whiskey distilleries dotted all across Scotland.

Outdoor Activities

As well as being rich in history and culture, Scotland is full of outdoor space, perfect for outdoor activities. From skiing in the Cairngorms to Golf in St Andrews, Scotland has an outdoor activity for everyone. With such a wide range of landscapes, from sandy beaches to impressive mountains, there is plenty to explore on a Scottish holiday. A great way to make the most of Scotland’s spectacular scenery is by foot, hiking through some of Europe’s last areas of wilderness.

At EasyWays we offer a wide range of walking tours for all abilities to ensure that you can make the most of your Scottish holiday. From the North Highland Way to the Rob Roy Way, we offer something for everyone. When embarking on a walking tour, you can be sure that you will create memories to cherish for a lifetime.

If you are looking to embark on some high adrenaline activities on your Scottish holiday, then you may want to try the likes of white water rafting or you could even enjoy a hot air balloon ride. Whatever outdoor activity tickles your fancy, you can be sure that we have it in Scotland.

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