The Fairy Pools Skye

In the past years there has been increased popularity of the Fairy Pools, Skye is a naturally beautiful island with so much charming scenery. Enticing international visitors at all times of the year, the Fairy Pools are the perfect location for people who love some outdoor adventuring! You can reach the location of the Fairy Pools from Portree. Walking the Isle of Skye? This is the perfect excuse to visit this magical island site!

What are the Fairy Pools?

The Fairy Pools are a range of pools, streams and a series of waterfalls. Only accessible by foot the amazing location embodies Scottish charm and natural wonder. An incredibly unique place the Fairy Pools almost seem unreal. Nestled in the middle of the Glen Brittle forest, it is an ideal place to relax and appreciate the amazing Scottish landscape. There is so much to see at the Fairy Pools, Skye is an island with amazing landscapes.

Where are the Fairy Pools?

Located on the South West of the island, the fairy pools are located in a place called Glen Brittle.  There is a car park in Glen Brittle, and from there it is 20-minute walk up to the pools. Watch out for the streams and marshy areas of land! There are many walks around the area of the Fairy Pools which can take you on beyond the fairy pools, Skye has a lot of places to explore! Though the nearest village to the Fairy Pools is Carbost, the start of the walk is on the road to Glenbrittle. Travelling from further away? When reaching the main town of Portree, the best option is to travel by car. After walking the Isle of Skye, a trip to the fairy pools does not take long, with a car journey time of around 40-minutes.

What To Expect!

The area surrounding the Fairy Pools, is just as amazing as the crystal clear waters of the pools themselves! Glen Brittle runs along the south to the north of the island, just along the River Brittle. Glen Brittle beach is located at the head of Loch Brittle, not far from the pools. The sea loch separates Glen Brittle from Loch Brittle. The beach is the perfect way to spend the day, and is a great base for walks around the fairy pools! The surrounding area to the Glen Brittle and Loch Brittle is generally rocky, with some very boggy parts.

Also! The Fairy Pools are located very near The Cuillins, a collection of rocky mountains. Another extremely popular place for climbers and walkers, the range has a highest point of 992 metres, called Sgurr Alasdair. With 20 munros, the mountains are among the most dramatic in Britain and combined with the fairy pools magical charm, create incredible atmosphere.

Why Visit the Fairy Pools?

There are many reasons to visit the Fairy Pools, Skye as an island is a place you have to explore! The Fairy Pools themselves look incredible. In one of the most dramatic parts of the islands scenery, the clear green pools have been likened to the waters of the Maldives. Though looking the same, the extra cold temperatures of the pools is guaranteed. Surrounded by plush green grass and hilly backdrops, the pools with crystal reflections look incredibly magical.

Whether you are coming to the Fairy Pools to take photographs, go swimming or are a keen walker, the pools will no doubt be a highlight of your Skye visit!

The rocky area of the River Brittle, features many small waterfalls. Being able to clearly see the bottom of the river bed, the colours that come from the pools are amazing! A perfect photograph opportunity! All year around the pools are incredible, not just in summer.

However, if you are planning to do some wild swimming in the Pools, try and go at the warmest time of year! Though the pools look inviting the water is extremely cold! Being prepared for the water is extremely important so it advised to bring a wetsuit! Also, wind often comes up the glen from the sea to the south. An internationally recognised location for wild swimmers, the Fairy Pools are an ideal place to unwind after journeying around the island. Whether you have been walking the Isle of Skye, or visiting Skye as a tour, end your trip with a walk around Glen Brittle and the fairy pools.

Look Out for the Wildlife

Wherever you go in Scotland, there is an abundance of wildlife. This is no difference for the Fairy Pools, Skye is a great place to capture your favourite Scottish inhabitants. The south-west area, Glen Brittle is a hub for many different animals. Red deer, rabbits and sheep inhabit the area in their masses. A bird enthusiast? The Fairy Pools are treated to large flocks of ravens, crows and also, some smaller birds. After walking the Isle of Skye, the wildlife seen at the fairy pools will be less of a surprise. However, the incredible scenery surrounding you will make the whole experience more magical than imaginable!

Visit Whenever

Many people from all over the world come and visit the famous Fairy Pools. Though the weather in Skye is, like the rest of Scotland, very rainy, it is worthwhile to visit the area any time of year. Visiting in the spring and summer months are more beneficial for the wild swimming. However, keen on photography? There is an opportunity for an atmospheric photo all year around. The surrounding area and the fairy pools are naturally stunning in all weathers!

If you are walking the Isle of Skye, visiting the island of Skye in summer provides more things to experience and options available. Whether you are in Portree or Glen Brittle, the island offers an abundance of activities. If you are unsure as to how to spend your time after walking around parts of the island, the Fairy Pools are an ideal place to end a trip around the island!

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