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Hill Walking Equipment - Summer Walking Essentials | EasyWays

26th April 2019

Summer Walking Essentials

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Looking to update your hill walking equipment for summer? As we mentioned in our last post, EasyWays are preparing for the warmer weather! Follow this guide to make sure you are fully prepared for long distance walking in the upcoming summer season.

At EasyWays, we pride ourselves on helping walkers organise every aspect of their holidays. Whether you’re planning on walking the West Highland Way or the Isle of Skye Spectacular, we all know that the Scottish summer weather can be unpredictable. Make sure you’re fully equipped for all occasions with our help!

Summer Hill Walking Equipment – The EasyWays Essentials Guide

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Make sure you have your walking equipment ready for the summer months!

Breathable T-Shirt

Though for the colder months we recommend layering up, for summer walking we definitely recommend investing in some breathable tops or t-shirts. Most outdoor clothing brands have a wide range suitable to keep you cool no matter what temperature it reaches! For walking in 20 degree heat, we would suggest wearing a breathable top and bringing along a waterproof incase it starts to rain.

Walking Shoes

Because of the foot and ankle support and harsher weather conditions, walking boots are perfect for walking in winter. However in summer, walking boots start to feel heavy and not totally comfortable. Walking shoes are an ideal option if you’re looking for supportive, lightweight and breathable footwear. Shoes still have the grip of boots but will provide a much more enjoyable walking experience when walking in warm weather. If you are planning on walking a long distance on varying terrains, walking boots and shoes are the piece of hill walking equipment you need to pick carefully! No matter what footwear you have on make sure there is an appropriate level of grip and support.

Small Summer Walking Essentials

  • Sunglasses

Make sure you pack sunglasses if you’re walking in summer. Even if the weather doesn’t appear immediately sunny, it is vital that you keep your eyes protected from the sun. Whether you opt for fitness glasses or a pair you know fit comfortably on your face, make sure the glasses you choose aren’t going to fall from your face while walking.

  • Hats

Another essential while walking in warmer weather is a summer hat. You don’t want to get burnt and/or sunstroke! Get a hat you know you’ll wear and one suitable for walking.

Trust EasyWays when planning your walking adventure for summer!