Are you planning on enjoying the Edinburgh Festival this year? After your busy Edinburgh Festival schedule, why not wind down with a couple of days walking? You can easily access the festival from the Fife Coastal Path.
Walking with EasyWays, you can guarantee that your trip will be as stress free as possible. With a combination of our local knowledge and bag transfer service, your time spent walking the Fife Coastal Path will be the best part of your festival experience! Walking holidays in Scotland are perfect at this time of year.

How to Access the Fife Coastal Path

st andrews beach

Ending up in the historic town of St Andrews!

Beginning in North Queensferry, you can access this start point from Edinburgh by bus or train. This will also mean you cross the Forth Bridge! Taking 5 days, the route going north along the east coast of Scotland is 63 miles. The route ends up in St Andrews, where there is also so much to explore. The coastal path is peaceful and relaxing, an ideal place to wind down after all the exciting festival events!

What can you expect?

Crail Queensferry harbour town

You will see beautiful Scottish towns along the Fife Coastal Path!

Travelling from the Edinburgh City Centre to North Queensferry, you can expect to be in a completely different environment! North Queensferry is the town that you first reach when crossing the Forth Bridge! Here you can begin your walking trip with a boat tour of wildlife, the islands of the Forth and the different bridges.

Incorporate More into Your trip!

Edinburgh busy street

Enjoy the festival, relaxing with a walking holiday afterwards!

Your experience of Scottish culture won’t end at the Edinburgh Festival! You can incorporate different things into your coastal walk. Though after a busy Edinburgh Festival schedule we know that you might just want to relax! By simply walking along the east coast you see so much. No matter where in the world you are from, everyone will have the opportunity to experience new things!

Come Back to Scotland

relaxing after busy edinburgh festival schedule

Even if you don’t fit everything in this time, enjoy the festival next year too!

Decided to come back to the Edinburgh Festival next year? Plan your trip with the Fife Coastal Path in mind! Though there is so much to do in Edinburgh, especially at this time of year, you can sometimes miss out. Knowing about the Fife Coastal Path now, you can plan your next festival trip and include a relaxing walking trip, it’s so easy to reach!

Clear your Edinburgh Festival Schedule!

At EasyWays we like to make sure our customers are up to date with any events/news! Look at our last post to learn more about the new Queensferry bridge opening.
If you are interested in involving the Fife Coastal Path into your Edinburgh Festival schedule, contact us.