Interested in visiting Italy? Adventure holidays are a great way to see a country!
The Via Francigena walking route, located within the beautiful landscape of Tuscany, is a trip not to miss. Walking the Via Francigena, you have the opportunity to experience new and exciting aspects of Italian culture.
Walking with EasyWays your experience of not only a new country, but a new type of holiday will be made simple! Our European adventure holidays offer beautiful new surroundings and scenery and a fresh walking experience. Also, we take care of your accommodation, maps and any additional information! Our team will ensure your time in Italy is the best it can be.

What is the Via Francigena?

via francigena vineyard

Just a glimpse what you’ll come across along the Via Francigena trail.

Dating back to the Middle Ages, the Via Francigena is a heritage route, which starts in Canterbury in England continuing through Europe to finish in Rome in Italy. Due it’s growing popularity, our Via Francigena walking holiday experience begins and ends in the historic city of Pisa. The 4 day, 55-mile-long adventure allows walkers to become acquainted with the beautiful Tuscan towns and countryside.

Some Cities You’ll Come Across!

San Gimignano

view of san gimignano

A beautiful view to San Gimignano.

One of the places you come across on the walking trail is the town of San Gimignano. A town rich in history, San Gimignano is well known for its architecture and particularly memorable, due to the fact that there are 14 of the 72 ancient tower houses are still standing. Also, you will easily spot San Gimignano due to it’s surrounding walls! With Medieval abbeys, 14th and 15th century Italian art and the beautiful Duomo Di San Gimignano, it is very worthwhile to spend time in this North Tuscan town while on your walking holiday!
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people relaxing after adventure holidays

The Piazza del Campo is a perfect place to relax during your walking trip.

Nearer the end of your 4-day trip, you will find yourself in the city of Siena. As a part of the Via Francigena holiday we offer an included guided city tour. So, exploring this beautiful city you can expect to be charmed – even more – by Tuscan culture and history! One of Italy’s most famous squares is in Siena, the Piazza del Campo. Known as Il Campo, the Piazza has been Siena’s social centre since the 1200s. A perfect place to relax and spend time after your time walking.


Leaning Tower Pisa

While you’re in Pisa you have to see the Leaning Tower!

As the walk begins and ends in Pisa, of course some of your time will be spent there! Another very famous city in Italy, there is so much to see and do. Home to the iconic ‘Leaning Tower’, Pisa also has multiple Gothic churches, Piazzas from the Renaissance period and Romanesque architecture! Our walking holiday package also includes a Guided Walking Tour of Pisa, your time after walking a part of the Via Francigena will be well spent.

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