On the Isle of Arran, there is an abundance of heritage and history to explore. There are so many Arran walks to explore. Why not start with the Arran coastal way route? This stunning walk enables you to discover the beautiful island and learn more about it.

Brodick Castle

Brodick Castle is located on the east coast of the island, just outside the main town of Brodick. The history of the castle dates back to the 13th century. The castle has been the home of many attacks and takeover attempts, for example, Robert The Bruce supporters trying to take back the castle from the English in the 14th century. The Duke of Hamilton owned the castle for over 400 years until 1895.  When the Duchess of Montrose died in 1957, the castle was passed on to the National Trust. The castle became Scotland’s first country park in 1980. The castle is a vital point of Arran’s heritage and is easy to access if you are taking advantage of one of the many Arran walks nearby.

Heritage Museum

The Isle of Arran heritage museum provides a visitor with all the information you need about the heritage of Arran. With an Archaeology and Geology section which gives you more insight into the settlers on Arran 8,000 years ago and Arran’s different rock types. A Genealogy section to help any visitors who want to trace family history. And also, a social history section where you can experience what it would be like to be living on Arran. Also located near Brodick, another perfect location to stop by when you are walking in Arran route.
Arran Walks let you experience the Celtic heritage of the island


With a heritage on Arran that dates back to the Stone Age, in more recent years the island has become a major tourist attraction and a forefront for exhibiting Scottish culture. This is a result of the regular ferry sailings from Ardrossan in the early 20th century. With a ferry every two hours, life on the island has become more and more accessible. The tourism industry in Arran has allowed the local arts and whisky communities to thrive.
Arran walks let you experience the copper stills of the near by distillery

Arran Walks

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