Arran beaches are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Booking walking holidays in Scotland, with EasyWays, gives the perfect excuse to explore some more of the Scottish coast!

Brodick Beach

Brodick beach, located in the main town of Brodick, is extremely accessible. Just a couple of minutes from pubs and cafes etc. Facilitates for all the family allowing everyone to enjoy the wild charm of the beach.

Lochranza Bay

If you are looking for a quieter, more serene environment Lochranza bay is an ideal area. Surrounded by the village of Lochranza, in which you will find the Lochranza Bay Hotel, the distillery and the picturesque ruins of Lochranza castle. Being the mostly northerly village on Arran and engulfed by beautiful hills, this beach will provide you with complete calm.

Sannox Beach

Continuing onto Sannox from Brodick, here you will find the Sannox Beach. Located on the east side of the island you can expect pink sand and to see the incredible views Arran is famous for. Again, a private and quieter beach for you to enjoy.

Blackwaterfoot Beach

Blackwaterfoot beach is another idyllic place to spend your day. A long stretch of golden sand on the lesser populated western side of the island, it is a perfect day out.

Machrie Beach

Despite being mostly a gravel beach, this is still a worthwhile. Surrounded by more spectacular scenery the beach will let you see for miles to Kintyre. A view you will not want to miss!

Whiting Bay Beach

Whiting Bay beach is surrounded by the facilities of Whiting Bay. Located on the South Eastern side of the island, the beach is a mix of sand and pebbles and again is very easily accessible.
All around Arran beaches are readily available for you to enjoy. Whether you are with the family or a trip to get away, the island offers what you need.
Arran beaches and blue sky
There are so many beautiful paintings of the beaches on Arran. Art on Arran is in abundance, to learn more about it why not look at our last post! If you would like to know more about the Arran Coastal Way walk, contact us here.
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