When walking routes in Scotland you can explore the whole country! The stunning North Coast especially, there are plenty of beautiful beaches and scenery. At EasyWays, we decided to put together a list of some of the best beaches along the north coast so you don’t miss out as you make your way along the stunning coast.

Sango Bay – Durness

Sango Bay is one of the most northern beaches of mainland Scotland. The beautiful beach is made up of three relatively small coves, separated by rocky cliffs and outcrops. Sango Bay is the closest beach to Durness and is easy to access, making it a popular beach in the area – although, it is never over crowded due to the northerly location of the beach. The area is great if you are looking to spot some dolphins which can often be seen in the Minch, a busy shipping lane. Sango Bay also boasts views out towards the northern Hebrides across the Minch.
The next cove to the east of Sango Bay beach is home to Smoo Cave, the largest sea cave in Britain. The caves are a must and can be visited by boat or on foot, although waterproofs are recommended due to the vast amount of spray from the wondrous waterfall. One of the most popular beach areas along the north coast, walking routes in Scotland have so much to offer!

Strathy Bay

Strathy Bay is a picturesque beach located between Durness and John O’ Groats. The best views of the bay can be seen from the top of “White Hill”, which provides panoramic vies of the beach and down the valley to the south. Looking out towards the east there are stunning views of the coast, dotted with stacks, cliffs and caves. Strathy Bay is also brilliant for surfing if you are looking to do something a little more adventurous when visiting the north coast. There are also public toilets as well as tourist information, making the beach a perfect place to visit when exploring the north coast.

Sandside Bay

Located just off Reay Golf Course, this gorgeous beach is well worth a visit, particularly if you are already golfing in the area. The large, curved beach offers wonderful views out across the North Atlantic, and is a great beach for surfers, with soft, sandy beaches and relatively large waves brought in by the strong winds across the Atlantic. There is also a campsite nearby if you are prepared to bear the Scottish weather to catch some early waves. Perfect for if you are interested in golf, this beach is located so close to walking routes in Scotland.

Thurso Bay Central

This sand and rock beach is located in the town of Thurso. It is a relatively small beach, but again it is great for surfers, particularly with such a central location in Thurso. The beach is quite different to the secluded beaches along the coast, but it is more accessible and is the perfect spot to watch the sun go down after a day of exploring the coast.

Dunnet Bay

Dunnet Bay is a beautiful white sandy beach backed with rolling sand dunes. The beach is fairly sheltered and stretches for 2 miles, with plent of space to swim, surf and sunbathe (if the weather permits). If you are looking to see some of the local wildlife, then Dunnet Bay is perfect, with opportunities to see oyster catchers, eider ducks, curlew and ringed plover. It is also a great beach for finding shells, particularly whelks and razor shells. There is even a visitor centre at the north end of the beach if you are looking to find out more about the area and the wildlife.
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Walking Routes in Scotland

Looking to explore Scotland’s north coast? The route allows you to take in all that the coast has to offer, from stretches of sandy beaches, to quiet coves and sea caves. Walking holidays in Scotland are always very enjoyable, especially when you are exploring such beautiful beaches! Interested in history? Our last post looks at the Scottish legends you come across when you are exploring this area.
At EasyWays, there are so many different walking routes in Scotland we offer. But, if you are interested in walking the North Highland Way, then get in touch today, we would love to hear from you.