Need a reason to try one of the best long walks in Scotland? The northern coast of Scotland is rich with history, from the Viking invasions to the Celtic tribes who once called the area their home. A visit to the Caithness Horizons museum gives you the chance to explore the history of the area as you make your way along the North of Scotland.

What is Caithness Horizons?

Caithness Horizons is a fabulous, engaging museum which brings to life the history and culture of Caithness and the surrounding areas. There is also a wonderful café at the museum which serves a selection of delicious soups, sandwiches, home baking and hot drinks. Perfect if you are looking for a break from your northern adventures along the Scottish highlands.

Where is Caithness Horizons?

Caithness Horizons is located in Thurso’s recently refurbished town hall. The route passes through the town of Thurso, this is a great place to make a stop and learn more about the area.

Museum Highlights

learn about vikings on long walks in scotland
With over 400 million years of history to see, there is certainly something for everyone at Caithness Horizons. One of the highlights has to be the famous fossil fish of Caithness. The fossils are believed to be from the Devonian period, a whopping 420million years ago, this makes them some of the oldest fish fossils in the world. Other highlights include a bronze age clay beaker which was found at Achavanich standing stones (another great place to visit in the area).
If you are interested in the Vikings, the Caithness horizons certainly has something for you. The Vikings initially invaded Scotland in the 8th century, but had little impact in the Caithness area until later on in the 9th century and the beginning of the 10th century. At the museum you have the chance to see a stunning Viking cross shaped gravestone engraved with runic letters.
With over 8000 different artefacts to see at the museum, Caithness Horizons is well worth a visit, particularly if you have an interest in Scottish history. The museum also holds special temporary exhibitions to allow you to see even more exciting things. One of the best places of go on long walks in Scotland, the highlands have so much history!

Long Walks in Scotland

The northern coast of Scotland is a unique and fascinating place with plenty to do and see. On top of being rich in history, the area is also home to areas of true wilderness (a rarity in today’s modern world). Due to the wild nature of the landscape you will have the chance to see some stunning views, as well as some rare wildlife.
Walking holidays in Scotland are always fun! Interested in learning more about the outdoor activities in this area? Look at our last post.
If you are interested in exploring all that Scotland’s north coast has to offer, then the North Highland Way is perfect for you. To find out more about our walking holidays, please get in touch today, we would love to hear from you!