Interested in an adventure holiday Europe has to offer? The Camino trail experience covers lush terrain, quaint villages and amazing Spanish architecture!
The Camino Frances and Camino Portugues are beautiful routes passing through Northern Spain. The trail heads west from the town of Sarria towards the final destination of Santiago de Compostela. The Camino Portugues heading north, from Tui – a town on the Spanish/Portuguese border, also finishing in Santiago de Compostela.
Walking with EasyWays in Europe, you will be able spend time in parts of Spain that you probably wouldn’t have had the chance to experience! After having helped lots achieve their walking dreams, our team always want to make your walking holiday abroad the best it can be.

The Camino Portugues

view of Tui on the Camino trail

A beautiful view out to Tui, the starting point of the Camino Portugeus.

Another one of the routes that help to make up the famous Camino de Santiago, this route, like the Camino Frances also ends up in Santiago de Compostela. Though the entire route of the Camino Portugues starts in Portugal’s capital Lisbon, the EasyWays route beings in the border town Tui.


people relax after best adventure holiday Europe has to offer

An ideal place to spend time relaxing before the next leg of the route!

A very memorable stage of the Camino trail will be the small city of Pontevedra. Located on the Galician coast, there is so much to see! The spectacular surroundings alone, visit the Museum of Pontevedra, the Church of Santa Maria or Ruins of Santo Domingo. Another Spanish city full of life, customise your trip and spend more time in Pontevedra!

The Camino Frances

views along the camino trail

Northern Spain has spectacular surroundings!

Part of the Camino de Santiago – in English translating to the St. James Way – the EasyWays Camino Frances route begins in Sarria, which is located in rural Glacia. Though the entire Camino Frances does start in France, 800km from its final destination, this EasyWays adventure holiday in Europe is much shorter. Spanning over six days, the trip is 116km!


spanish village on best adventure holiday europe has to offer

Spending time in Melide gives you the perfect chance to explore it’s historical beauty!

This EasyWays Camino trail includes the historic market town of Melide. Looking around you will be sure to notice the impressive architecture of St Anthony’s Chapel, and Sancti Spiritus Church. Also, the town hosts a large, week-long celebration of San Roque. Beginning 15th August, this gives tourists the chance to experience cultural and musical performances and a medieval pilgrim market!

Santiago de Compostela

Spanish history on the Camino trail

You can’t miss the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela!

Over 250,000 Camino de Santiago pilgrims end up here each year! Not only is this city buzzing with culture and heritage, the variety of restaurants and bars cater for everyone, producing unforgettable dishes from their local fish and beef. Thanks to the thousands of students at Santiago University, there is a constant vivacious atmosphere!
A perfect place to end the Camino Frances, in 2018 EasyWays are hoping to launch another route, this time beginning in the North Easterly Spanish town of Pamploma!

Adventure Holiday Europe – Camino Trail with EasyWays

Walking holidays in Scotland are great, but if you are looking for the best adventure holiday Europe has to offer, EasyWays has it here for you! Interested in the other European walks we have apart from the Camino Trail? Take a look at our last post to keep updated.
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