Today we’re celebrating this day- the perfect day to go for a stroll in the greenery. This is a day to take some time and clear out the cobwebs with an invigorating walk in any of the nation’s most beautiful forests. Many of our walking adventure holidays go through forests.
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What is this International Day?

It seems like there’s an International Day for just about every hobby, from knitting to extreme sports.
This designated day was first started in 2013 as a way to encourage the conservation and sustained care of this type of area around the world. The day was created by representatives from the United Nations and the Food and Agriculture Organization.
It was passed as a public observance in the United Nations General Assembly, so it’s one of the few official International Days out there. The Scottish Forestry Commission uses this day to encourage visitors and residents to get out and enjoy what the country has to offer while caring for the environment.

Which Routes to Walk

In the Scotland, there are so many long walks that make their way through green areas but these are a few of the very best:
Traverse the Great Glen WayThis 73 mile walk starts at Fort William and continues all the way to Inverness but the breath taking landscape is well worth the walk. This walk takes enthusiasts through some of the most picturesque parts of Scotland and these include rolling hills, lochs and – of course – some wonderful forests. There are stops, hotels and rest areas all the way along this route, so it’s something for any level of walker. There are 26 different forest areas along this path, according to the Scottish Forestry Commission, so you’ll be sure to get your fill of nature. Use this day to
Ramble along the Speyside WayThis walk is a little shorter than the Great Glen Way – 65 miles long – taking walkers from the Moray Firth to Aviemore. This walk isn’t just ideal for those taking in the view, it’s also a brilliant for whisky lovers as there are a number of distilleries along the way. National Whisky Day doesn’t take place until the 21st of May but there’s no need to wait to get on your way with this walk.
The route follows the River Spey, which wends its way around north-east Scotland and makes for a scenic walk. Those who enjoy bird-watching can also take their trusty binoculars with them on this walk, as the area is home to many majestic creatures. If you’re lucky you could catch a glimpse of one of the many eagles that circle this area.
Make your way along St Cuthbert’s WaySt Cuthbert’s Way takes up 62 miles of the border between Scotland and England. This path begins at Melrose Abbey, where the walk’s namesake started his ministry, and then continues to meander through woodland along the banks of the River Tweed and on until it reaches the Holy Island. The last portion of the journey between the cost and the Holy Island can be walked at low tide to complete the route.

Walking Adventure Holidays – with EasyWays

There are so many benefits in celebrating a day like this. Walking adventure holidays are the perfect opportunity to become closer to wildlife and embrace the beautiful Scottish landscapes. Do you think you’d like to learn more about Scottish history, look at our last post about St Patrick’s Day! Walking holidays in Scotland are always a great experience, made better with EasyWays.
Do you like the sound of these walking routes? If you think walking adventure holidays sound like your kind of thing, contact us.