Are you in need of a walking companion? Using a walking app could be the perfect solution! Walking trails across Scotland use apps to guide, advise and offer extra information about the route you are taking! There is the Dava Way App and there are also apps for the East Highland Way and the Cateran Trail.
Booking a walking holiday with EasyWays you can trust that you will have all the information and guidance necessary. Using an app will only add to your experience. Our experienced team provide the means for your walking holidays in Scotland to be as memorable and stress free as possible!

Dava Way App

walking the Dava Way route with the Dava Way App

Make your walking trip better with the Dava Way App!

The Dava Way is located in the north east of Scotland and begins in Grantown-on-Spey, in the Cairngorms National Park. Using the Dava Way App for this shorter 24-mile walk, you can expect additional background information about the history and nature around the route locations. Ending up in the beautiful town of Forres, there you can delve deeper into Scottish culture! Look at our last post to find out about events in the area.

East Highland Way App

east highland way view

Beautiful views along the East Highland Way, learn about your surroundings with the app!

Also a route in the North East of Scotland, the East Highland Way app has many helpful features. Offering a guidebook, amenities, google map and Facebook service this app is a great asset when walking the route! In the highlands of Scotland it is very unlikely you will have reception, so it will be worthwhile to download the app before you set off. Features of the East Highland Way include spectacular scenery, many lochs and rivers.
No matter what route you choose, our EasyWays team will take care of your baggage transfer and accommodation!

“We were very pleased with all the accommodations you booked for us. And thanks a lot for your good ideas to continue our holiday, to find a room and bed after we finished the trail. Thanks a lot for helping us so quickly.”
Christiane, West Highland Way, August 2015

 The Cateran Trail App

cateran trail

The Cateran Trail App has lots of additional interesting information.

At a distance of 62 miles, The Cateran Trail offers never ending wild Scottish beauty. Along with the help from EasyWays, expect The Cateran Trail app to guide you around this circular route! Featuring stories, myths and history you will not only have the ultimate walking companion you will learn more about the spectacular Perthshire scenery.

Useful Tips:

using phone outdoors

Make sure you have signal!

  • The Dava Way app is available both Android and Apple devices. The Cateran Trial and East Highland Way apps are available for download from the Google Play store.
  • When walking, be aware that you might not have phone connection! So ensure that anything you need or would like more information on is downloaded or screenshotted beforehand.
  • Make sure you make the most of them! Apps are a great source of additional information about the area you are walking in, as well as a clever companion!

If you like the sound of an EasyWays walking holidays so you can use one of these apps, contact us!