Do you share our commitment to sustainable and eco friendly holidays? Follow these tips to enjoy even greener travel in 2019! Help us keep the Scottish coastlines, hills and forests beautiful; make these changes while travelling.

Tips for Eco Friendly Holidays from EasyWays

eco friendly holidays

Have a positive effect on the environment when travelling with EasyWays.

Bring your Habits from Home

Just because you’re on holiday, doesn’t mean you have to forget what is and what isn’t good for the environment! Bring your eco-friendly habits with you. No matter where you are, recycle, avoid products with too much packaging and limit your water and electricity usage.

Use Public Transport

Though you may find using public transport in a foreign country stressful, it’s a considerably more eco friendly way to travel. Planes are large contributors to global carbon emissions. If you have to use a car, try to car-share!
Of course, if you are planning to book a walking holiday, you won’t have any need for transportation other than your feet! Though you will have to reach the beginning point of the route which is often remote and a car may be necessary. On most of the walking routes we offer at EasyWays you can travel at least part of the way by public transport. In fact, one of our most popular routes, the West Highland Way is accessible directly by a train from Glasgow!

Avoid Plastic

Whether this be plastic bottles, plastic packaging for food, or plastic bags – avoid it while your travelling! Plastic bags take up to 500 years to biodegrade. Use a reusable bag as you would at home.

Stick to the Path

If you’re going on walking, camping or cycling holiday, make sure that you and your group stick to the trails. Creating new shortcuts or paths along specifically sign-posted walks may seem like a minor, harmless action. However, going off the path could mean you’re walking into the eco system of a protected species or even endangered plants. Be mindful of your actions while visiting a new country and pay attention to signs! If you are planning a walking on holiday, please consider contributing towards the maintenance and care of that path. We introduced a Voluntary Contribution Scheme last year and it’s been extremely effective.

Eco Accommodation

Looking for sustainable accommodation? Make sure you consider eco hotels, hostels, lodges, cottages and cabins. There are a number of highly rated eco-cabins in Scotland! They offer stunning views and are often located in the most idyllic settings.

Eco Friendly Holidays with EasyWays

One of the most eco friendly holidays you could choose is to go on a walking holiday. A must-do if you’re interested in sustainable tourism! EasyWays walking holidays cover the whole of Scotland. As we mentioned in our last post, January is a great time to start training for your walking holiday in the summer! Why not make the most of the month by booking January’s featured walk: the Fife Coastal Path.
Have a positive impact on the environment while on holiday with EasyWays.