The beautiful peninsula of Kintyre is located on the South-West coast of Scotland. Surrounded by the islands of the Southern Hebridean islands of Islay, Jura and Arran, Kintyre is an ideal location to spend your time. There is so many things to do in Campbeltown, east coast of the peninsula!
Why not plan a walking trip that would let you explore Kintyre the best way? With EasyWays you can plan to walk The Kintyre Way which heads down from the north to the very tip, in Dunaverty. Our team have a wealth of experience organising walking holidays in Scotland! Trust us to transport your baggage, letting you completely relax and enjoy your time in the most idyllic setting!

The Kintyre Way Route

loch fyne things to do in campbeltown

Near the starting point of The Kintyre Way is near the beautiful and idyllic Loch Fyne.

Beginning in the village of Tarbert, the Kintyre Way is 77.5 miles and a total of 5 days walking. Your time initially will be spent walking along the coast and the Islay ferry terminal. Why not book a trip to Islay? A beautiful island internationally known for it’s whisky! Though continuing to explore Kintyre you also have the opportunity to go to the smaller island of Gigha! However, upon reaching your destination of Dunaverty, the route will have been inland, bypassing Cambeltown.
Throughout the route you will come across little villages and be sometimes completely surrounded by the spectacular Scottish landscapes. Did you take part in the Kintyre and Gigha walking festival 2016? Why not celebrate a year on with the team at EasyWays!

Why not take a trip to Gigha?

calmac ferry

Take a ferry across to Gigha!

Since you are going to be heading in the direction of Gigha’s ferry terminal, why not take a trip? The Isle of Gigha is a very small island off the west coast of Kintyre. With a population of around 150 people, the island is community owned. To fully explore Gigha it would be perfect to hire a sea kayak! Because the island is so small it doesn’t matter how experienced you are.
As well as being a place of activity, Gigha has an annual music festival, the Gigha Gallery and an abundance of wildlife!

Things to do in Campbeltown, Kintyre & Gigha

view to campbeltown kintyre

There are so many things to do in Campbeltown!

The starting point of your Kintyre Way route is in Tarbert, here there is the Tarbert Castle! Tarbert, located on Loch Fyne, on the very north of the Kintyre Peninsula is a perfect getaway village. Tarbert castle is a great place to go if you love Scottish history. Also, there is lots of things to do in Campbeltown! Visit Springbank Whisky Distillers, Cambeltown’s own whisky! Or if you would like to learn more about Scotland, visit Cambeltown Museum or Hertiage Centre!
Another great place, where you can unwind and relax after walking the Kintyre Way, is Machrihanish Bay. Just 3 miles from Cambeltown, it’s the ideal place to appreciate the beauty of the West of Scotland.

The Perfect Place to Explore

view out to loch from Inverary

There isn’t just things to do in Campbeltown, explore the little town of Inveraray!

Both Kintyre and Gigha are the perfect places to explore! Peaceful and mostly uninhabited they have so much charm. With lots of things to do in Campbeltown, Tarbet and Gigha, you surely won’t be bored if you choose to spend time there. Also, walking The Kintyre Way with EasyWays will allow you to spend time wherever, as we offer the chance for our customers to customise their walks!  
At EasyWays we think it’s important to keep everyone up to date with the news in the walking world! So, look at our last post to find out more about the Queensferry Crossing opening!
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