Our latest featured walker is the wonderful Chris Bowness. Chris kindly took the time to tell us about his passion for walking and share some of his beautiful photography.

How did you get into photography?

My brother-in-law is a long time hobbyist photographer and he kept giving me his old cameras, I actually have four at the moment which are all hand-me-downs! My family convinced me to get a dog a few years back and with the double incentive of walking the dog and taking pictures, I found myself wanting to walk more and more… Nowadays it is all I really want to do and our dog, despite being much older, remains just as enthusiastic to accompany me. He sighs loudly though whenever I stop to take photos as he doesn’t like to stop!

What is your favourite Scottish Walk?

I live near the Ochil Hills and climb them very regularly, I walk them day and night in the winter. Wood Hill there is beautiful, it is so photogenic. For “official” routes, I have walked the Affric Kintail way and enjoyed Glen Affric. I have walked many other places and have enjoyed them all but my favourite photography place is Skye, it is something special. I plan to spend time on the Trotternish Ridge sometime.

Have you got any picture’s you would like to share of this walk/area?

Where can people see more of your work?


What tip or piece of advice would you give to someone starting out walking?

Start with the easy walks near you and as you gain confidence and experience in your gear and abilities go further afield. Always try and keep track of where you are and be aware of time and distance. Turning back is experience and an opportunity for another visit, it is good judgement and isn’t failure.

If you worry about fitness or balance, use walking poles, they can make a huge difference.
I have experienced being buzzed by bats in a forest at dusk, I have been in a surreal total whiteout in the clouds, I have walked through swirling mini-tornados of ice crystals in the winter and I have peered out of my frosty tent on a cold clear night and been awestruck at the depth & distances of the universe above. It is a privilege to see these things and if you’re not getting out, you’re missing out.

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