Looking to take a walk through history? Hadrian’s Wall Path provides the perfect opportunity to take a step back in time, walking the length of this historic wall. Dating back to 112AD, Hadrian’s Wall stretches from the small village of Bowness-on-Solway on England’s west coast all the way across to Newcastle in the east, allowing walkers on the Hadrian’s Wall tour to explore the gorgeous scenery of Northern England.

Hadrian’s Wall Tour

UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hadrian’s Wall is the largest surviving monument in Europe, making it a must do for Britons and international visitors alike. Stretching 135km, the route follows the line of the wall, allowing you to take in the wonderful scenery on both sides of this ancient wall. A number of visitor centres can also be visited along the way, where you can learn more about the history of the wall, allowing you to fully appreciate its grandeur as you continue your journey along the wall.

Hadrian's Wall Path

Hadrian’s Wall Path

Experience the History

Constructed by three legions of the Roman army, this magnificent wall once separated Scotland and England, with remains of the wall guiding you along the route. The stunning, natural Northumberland landscape which surrounds the route provide great views along the route. Forts and mile castles can also be explored along the way, giving you a real insight into the history of this incredible landmark.

The Route

The route of Hadrian’s Wall Path follows the wall, allowing you to truly appreciate the magnitude of the wall. The terrain of the walk varies from flat tarmac to grassy hills, offering a moderate walk which may be somewhat strenuous at points for less experienced walkers. The route itself is clearly marked along the way with acorn symbols, making the walk easy to navigate, allowing you to focus your attention on the gorgeous scenery and wealth of history which surrounds the walking route. Accommodation along the route can be found in quaint, traditional villages, adding to the overall experience of this walking holiday.

Take a Walk Through History with EasyWays

Interested in walking Hadrian’s Wall Path? With an EasyWays Hadrian’s Wall tour, you can enjoy all that Hadrian’s Wall has on offer, from the history to the scenery, there is so much to enjoy on this gorgeous route. We will arrange your ideal walking holiday to ensure that you make the most of the walk. The accommodation along the way will allow you to enjoy small, traditional villages close to the wall, allowing you to truly embrace the entire experience.
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