Scottish highland walks are always very popular! This next leg of this route continues on from The Haven with the next part of the route ending up at Darwick Pier. A beautiful part of the route, walking holidays in Scotland are always interesting to explore.

West Coast Dunnet Head

Dunnet Head

Beginning at the Harbour Masters House, the trail gives you a completely clear view of the surrounding coastal area. The Masters House is another place rich in history which starts your journey off well. The walk continues on from the Haven to Dunnet Head. Near the most northerly point of the British mainland, the top of Dunnet Head is a very famous location. The picturesque landscape will give you another clear view of the North Sea.
From Dunnet Head the route will lead you on to the Rattar Burn, which in the wet season may be difficult to cross. But it is worth it. The views at this point are incredible. The extremely remote location is wonderfully peaceful with the landscape to top it all off. The cross country route and flatter terrain will let you see the Hamm River and mill in front of you. More buildings with a great history.

View from Scottish highland walks out to Dunnet Head

Dunnet Head Lighthouse

Getting closer to the coastal trial again, another great highlight you will come across is a small jetty which appears all of a sudden near. Completely on the edge, the path continues up to Dunnet Head Lighthouse, a spectacular feature!
The Dunnet Head Lighthouse marks the most northerly point of the Scottish mainland. With an outstanding view towards the Isle of Orkney, the lighthouse stands grandly. Another highlight of the trail that you can look forward to.

Darwick Pier

Then, finally after all of the coastal walking, you will see Peedie Beach. Close to your final destination, Darwick Pier, the small sheltered beach is hidden away with the cliffs and rocks.Continuing on from there, you will get to Darwick Pier. Near the pier there is a plaque which remembers the time the Queen visited. Scottish highland walks are beautiful! In the right weather the shoreline can be completely still and peaceful.

Scottish Highland Walks

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