Want to know what to expect from the St Cuthbert’s Way? There are highlights throughout the route, all the way from Melrose to Holy Island.


The starting place of the walk, Melrose is a picturesque town. Surrounded by the beautiful countryside of the Scottish Borders! Just south of the town are the Eildon hills, features of the Scottish Borders that can be seen for miles! Melrose is well known for being the first place that Rugby sevens was created and played in 1877. Every year there is an event called ‘Melrose Sevens’ that draws international attention. People from different countries like New Zealand and Portugal come to the small town to play at the event. So if you are interested in the history of rugby sevens, walking the St Cuthbert’s Way is a great idea!

Starting place of St Cuthbert's Way

Melrose Abbey is a stunning building to visit!

The Borders

The Scottish Borders is a place of great history! A peaceful setting for the many stately homes, abbeys and castles the borders offers an ideal place to go for some calm! Perfect for a trip after walking the St Cuthbert’s Way. The Peebles Beltane festival is another way to spend time in the borders. A way to celebrate summer! Also, there is the opportunity to get involved in outdoor activities or sports! With many mountain biking trails, quad biking etc.

Surrounded by fields and hills

The Scottish Borders are an ideal place to relax.

Holy Island

The journey from Melrose, along the St Cuthbert’s Way ends up on Holy Island, which is in England. Situated off the Northumberland coast, the island is reachable by a causeway. On the island is Lindisfarne Monastery which was founded in 635. Remaining a holy site today, there is a lot to explore on the island! Bird watching, golfing and photography are just some things there to be enjoyed!

the holy island

The Monastery has beautiful views

A trip to Edinburgh?

The St Cuthbert’s Way is so near Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh! So why not incorporate a visit? Getting the train from the Berwick-on-Tweed station, you will be in the capital in no time. Ready to take in its historic charm to relax or go exploring! Visiting Edinburgh would be the perfect place to finish your trip.

Edinburgh City Centre

A trip to Edinburgh will end your trip well!

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