Scotland is full of breath taking scenery, from beautiful lakes to stunning mountains. Hiking in Scotland is by far the best way to see varied landscapes, and with EasyWays Walking Holidays it couldn’t be easier.
views out to river spey after hiking in scotland

What is Hiking?

Hiking is all about walking while surrounded by nature and is a part of mountaineering. Hiking is known by a number of different names around the world, but it all comes down to the key idea of walking with nature.
People have been hiking for thousands of years for many different reasons, some for religious reasons, and others for enjoyment. No matter what it is that draws you to hiking, you are sure to create some life-long memories while improving your health.

Why is Scotland the Best for Hiking?

With so many wonderful places around the world to go hiking, what makes hiking in Scotland so special? Well, when you come hiking in Scotland you are sure to experience something new, and interesting everyday. Whether it’s the unpredictable weather or the unique wildlife, you are sure to see something spectacular.
Scotland is the perfect place to go hiking, and with so many routes and trails to choose from, there is a route for everyone. With trails varying from the relatively flat Speyside Way, to the more challenging West Highland Way, different routes allow you to see the diversity Scotland has to offer.
Scotland is rich in history, with many castles and ruins scattered across the country. Every part of Scotland has its very own story to tell, stories which have helped to sculpt the country into what it is today. Each village you pass through has its own unique past, and you are sure to hear some brilliant stories from the locals.
Hiking in Scotland takes you back to the routes of hiking, as you are at one with the nature around you – allowing you to escape the stress of everyday life.  By exploring and hiking in Scotland you are sure to experience unique scenery and create memories like no others. Scotland is a friendly and diverse country which truly offers something for everyone.

What Makes Speyside a great place to hike?

Speyside is located in the Scottish Highlands and is home to over half of Scotland’s whiskey distilleries. The area is surrounded by the Cairngorms National Park, so you are sure to see some of the greatest scenery on offer when hiking in Scotland. The Speyside Way allows you to see some of Scotland’s most varied landscapes, allowing you to take in all that Scotland has to offer.
Although the route is located in the Cairngorms mountain range, the route is relatively flat, with only two significant climbs up Ben Aigan and Carn Daimh. Due to the nature of the route, it is perfect for less experienced hikers, and is ideal for a family walking holiday.
Not only does the Speyside Way allow you to take in some of Scotland’s most stunning scenery, but it is also home to some wonderful wildlife. The likes of the rare Capercaillie call the Scottish Highlands their home. With very few of them left in the UK, the Speyside Way is the perfect place to catch a glimpse of huge woodland grouse. When hiking in Scotland, you may also have an opportunity to see the beautiful Pine Marten. The Pine Marten is about the size of a domesticated cat and is a member of the mustelid family, which includes the otter and weasel. They tend to live in woodland areas, making the forest trail areas of the Speyside Way the perfect place to spot the Pine Marten.
With so much on offer along the route of the Speyside Way, there really is something for everyone, making it one of Scotland’s best hiking routes.

The Social Side of Hiking

Hiking can be a brilliant escape from the stress and rush of everyday life. It allows you to clear your mind and truly enjoy nature, but it can also be a great way to socialise. By embarking on a hiking trip in Scotland you are able to spend quality time with people that mean the most to you, while experiencing scenery like no other.
By sharing such a valuable, unique experience with friends and family you create a bond like no other as you take in all that hiking in Scotland has to offer. By taking away the element of technology, you are able to talk about the things that really matter while creating memories to last a lifetime. We think that hiking allows you to socialise on a whole new level, as you are faced with new challenges and experiences which you are able conquer as a team.

Why Should You Make a Holiday Out of Hiking in Scotland?

By making a holiday out of hiking you are able to explore more isolated areas and experience more stunning scenery in one brilliant trip. A hiking holiday ensures that you have time to take in all that your chosen route has to offer, without missing any of the breath taking views or unique wildlife. Making a holiday out of your hike also allows you to experience more than your average holiday, creating memories without the interruption of technology or the stress of everyday life – a luxury which is often not possible on any other holiday. Walking holidays in Scotland are the best way to explore the country.
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If you are looking to embark on a walking holiday or if you are looking to explore the Speyside Way, then get in touch, we would love to hear from you.