Is one of your resolutions to become fitter? Walking is a great way to become healthier, it’s free and you can go anywhere you want to! Why not book a walking holiday for motivation to achieve your goals? As lovers of the outdoors, the EasyWays team will help you with every aspect of how to prepare for a long distance walk.
Reward your efforts towards a healthier lifestyle by booking our walk of the month for January; the Fife Coastal Path. Choosing a walking holiday of moderate difficulty will be ideal for anyone of average levels of fitness. Rely on the EasyWays team to take care of every part of your walking holiday from baggage transfer to accommodation.

How to Prepare for a Long Distance Walk – Advice from EasyWays

how to prepare for a long distance walk

Book a walking holiday with EasyWays as motivation for sticking to your New Year’s resolutions!

Train as Much as Possible

It may sound obvious but it is important to start training and going on long distances walks as soon as you can. Get into a routine! Whether this is every week or two times a month, go with different groups, alone or with your pet. If you can, complete different routes!

Build Up Gradually

It is very important to build up the distance carefully and when you’re ready. Don’t start off with a 15 mile walk if all you have done previously is 2. If you do this it is likely that you’ll strain your body and may cause an injury. This isn’t good early on in your training! Think practically about what point you think you’re at and how you can gradually build on it.

Work on Your Legs

Overall fitness is necessary for completing any walking route. However, make sure you pay attention to your legs in particular. There are many other forms of exercise you can take part in to build up leg muscle. Swimming, squash, cycling and spin classes are all great for making your legs stronger!

Different Terrains

Don’t forget to practice long distance walking on routes with different terrains and in all weathers! Scottish weather is unpredictable, who knows what the weather will be while completing the Fife Coastal Path. Therefore, make sure you’re walking in the sun, wind and rain. Also, make sure you are tackling different terrains. This way you will be experienced in a range of routes and won’t feel phased and encounter difficulty when it comes to completing your walking holiday. In fact, look at our last post to find out some great places to visit and walk in Scotland!


Lastly, remember to choose and test out equipment! Find and break in boots you feel comfortable in – make sure they have good ankle support, shop around for clothes – appropriate for all weathers, consider using extras like trekking poles and gather together a kit you feel confident and secure with. You will surely have time to test out a variety of pieces during your training.
At EasyWays we believe there is nothing quite as beautiful as the stunning scenery of Scotland. Whether you’re walking the Fife Coastal Path or the West Highland Way, the ultimate benefit of long distance walking is the surroundings you find yourself in!
Book a holiday with EasyWays to you achieve your walking goals.