Interested in some new walking routes? EasyWays is keen to keep you up-to-date with developments in new walking routes – Scotland is just waiting to be discovered!
At EasyWays, we are constantly thinking of how we can bring you the best and latest walking options, this is why we would like to introduce you to The Forth to Farne Way and Fife Pilgrim Way. Though we have many popular walking routes like the West Highland Way, we still remain passionate about new routes. Providing you with these alternative walking routes in Scotland, you will be able to experience new parts of the country. The east coast is filled with heritage, culture and history!

New Walking Routes Scotland

The Forth to Farne Way

Since opening in October 2017, the Forth to Farne Way begins in North Berwick and ends in Lindisfarne. With an overall distance of 72 miles, the way will take you through places and pathways which have been linked to early Christianity. There are 11 stages to the walk, most of which continue along an east coastal route, as the route is split up into these sections it would be very easy to take up a smaller part of the route, you don’t have to complete the whole 72 miles in one go!

What is there to see?

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Experience the heritage of the Holy Island, walking the Forth to Farne Way!

Taking 3 years to plan and put in place, this route links up the John Muir Way and Berwickshire and Northumberland paths. This route not only offers a lot of different points of interest, it mirrors the movements of medieval pilgrims! In the initial stage of the walk in North Berwick, why not pop into the Scottish Seabird Centre? A great day out and a fun way to learn more about the variety of seabirds that populate the south-east coast of Scotland! One of the most notable and interesting parts of the Forth to Farne Way is nearer the end, the Lindisfarne Causeway. Lindisfarne is located on the Holy Island and so to reach the island, there is a road crossing the sea – the causeway. It is only passable at times of low tide!

Fife Pilgrim Way

Another walk that is currently being planned is the Fife Pilgrim Way! This walk is also in the east of Scotland and is another pilgrim route. Beginning in Culross or North Queensferry, the route ends up in St Andrews. Going north towards St Andrews, the route is still in development by the Fife Coast & Countryside Trust. Like the Forth to Farne Way, this route traces the footsteps of pilgrims in medieval times! 69 miles of path connects medieval landmarks, heritage sites and beautiful picturesque landscapes.

What is there to see?

st andrews

A beautiful part of the country and the end of the Fife Pilgrim Way, coming soon!

As the route begins in either North Queensferry or Culross, you will be able to see the Forth Rail Bridge and the new road bridge! Interested in history? The battle site at Inverkeithing is a perfect place to stop at to get your fix of heritage. This part of Scotland is covered in old charming monuments and buildings! Reaching St Andrews at the end of the walk, why not spend time visiting the university buildings, the beach or taking in its quaint town centre? Though it is not yet one of our featured routes, we’d love to hear from you if you are interested in this route!
If you would like to visit Fife this year, the Fife Coastal Path remains one of our popular, well-established routes. We  have a range of walking holiday routes located all over Scotland, look at our last post to find out more about the Cowal Way for something a bit different!
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