When walking in Scotland routes are all around you! Due to the nature of the landscape surrounding the Scottish highlands, there are plenty of opportunities to see some brilliant Scottish wildlife. From killer whales to puffins, find out about all the wildlife there is to see in the area with EasyWays.

Marine Wildlife

bottlenose dolphin seen on walking in scotland routes
This route is located along the north coast of Scotland, making it ideally located to see some brilliant and exciting marine wildlife. Many Orcas, or Killer Whales, make there way through Scottish waters as they follow their migration path. It is thought that they follow this specific route due to the shoals of mackerel and herring in the area. The beautiful creatures are very easy to recognise, with their large, black dorsal fins and their distinctive black and white markings. It is a brilliant opportunity to see these mighty creatures in their natural habitat, and it far more fascinating and exciting to see them where they belong, in our oceans. Walking in Scotland routes like these are very worthwhile in discovering more about the highlands!
When visiting the north coast of Scotland, you may also have the opportunity to see Bottlenose Dolphins which sometime venture towards the northern coast (although, they are generally found in north-west locations). Again, seeing these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat is an exciting and memorable experience. As well as the Bottlenose Dolphins, you are likely to catch a glimpse of a grey Common Seal when you are walking nearer the coast.


One of the most exciting birds you will see when walking this route has to be the Puffin. Puffins are incredibly easy to identify by their unique colouring. With a bright, white and black body and a multi-coloured beak, these beautiful creatures particularly love the Scottish coastline. The birds are relatively small and plump to help them dive, however, they can fly particularly fast, making a whirring noise as they rapidly flap their wings. You may also be lucky enough to see a Golden Eagle or a Peregrine Falcon, both large, beautiful birds of prey. If you are walking in Scotland routes like the NHW will allow you to see lots of different animals, air, sea and land!


Scotland is home to many different mammals, but there are certainly some more impressive creatures to keep an eye out for. Red Deer are large, stunning creatures who live across Scotland, but are more common in northern and highland regions. They tend to hide during they day, but you may be lucky enough to see one as you explore the wilderness around the NHW.

Walking in Scotland Routes

There is no better way to see Scotland’s wildlife than on foot. This route provides you with the chance to see some of Scotland’s most impressive landscapes as well as some of our beautiful wildlife. By visiting the area on foot, you are more likely to catch a glimpse of shy creatures such as the Red Deer, while the coastal areas of the route give you the chance to see Killer Whales, Puffins and Seals. If you are walking in Scotland routes like this one are the best for experiencing true Scottish wildlife and charm.
Walking holidays in Scotland are always fun! Interested in learning more about the historical parts of the highlands? Look at our last post to find out more.
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