Peebles is a great area for hiking trails in Scotland. The area is teaming with walking routes and trails, so you are sure to find something to suit all ages and abilities. With many hiking trails in Scotland it can be hard to choose the best on for you, especially when you want to take in all that the area has to offer. At EasyWays, we want to make it easier to find the best hiking trails in Scotland for you, while ensuring you take in all that this stunning country has to offer.
The Beltane Festival has been taking place every summer for over four hundred years in the stunning town of Peebles in the Scottish Borders. Here at EasyWays we love Scottish tradition, which is why we want to share some of the best bits of Peebles Beltane Festival, to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the action while embarking on hiking trails in Scotland.
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The History of Peebles

The Royal Burgh of Peebles is a stunning town, rich with history. The town, which started out as a market town, is located on the River Tweed, not too far from Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city. Peebles wasn’t influenced hugely by many wars, despite its location near the Scottish and English border – although it was subject to a number of raids and was almost completely destroyed by the English in 1549. The town has also frequently been visited by members of the monarchy through out its history – our current Queen even visited just a couple of years ago in 2013.
During the 1800’s, the town benefited hugely from the construction of the national rail network, bringing trade and tourism to the beautiful town – saving it from extreme hunger and poverty. Over the years Peebles has continued to grow and flourish, and is now easily accessed from Edinburgh by road.

A Brief History of the Peebles Beltane Festival

The Beltane Festival started out as a celebration of the start of summer – in Peebles, this is celebrated during the week of the longest day of the year. The Scottish tradition of the Beltane Festival dates back hundreds of years and is believed to have Irish routes. The traditional Beltane Festival involves lighting bonfires to protect crops and livestock, followed by the whole town coming together to celebrate the beginning of summer. Over the years the festival has adapted and evolved to keep up with the times, and the Peebles Beltane Festival we see today is quite different from the fire festival it once was.
Today, the Peebles Beltane Festival is a week long celebration full of fun events and activities. The celebrations involve a crowning ceremony for the Beltane Queen and the traditional riding of the marches. The riding of the marches follows the installation of the new cornet – cornet’s have been selected for hundreds of years, originally to help protect the town on horse back. To this day, cornets are selected all across Scotland, with hundreds of people participating in the riding of the marches tradition each year.

Things to do in Peebles

Throughout the Peebles Beltane Festival there are plenty of fun activities for people of all ages and abilities. The celebrations begin with a disco for primary school children on the Monday, followed by a sports day on the Tuesday. Wednesday’s activities include the Beltane Bell and Cornets Reel – this is the day the new cornet is installed and the riding of the marches takes place. Later on in the evening there is a dance on the High Street followed by the presentation of the Beltane Bell.
The Beltane Concert takes place on the Thursday, providing entertainment for all ages. The celebrations continue throughout Friday and into Saturday when the Beltane Queen is crowned and the partying continues into the night.
Peebles has a lot more on offer than the Beltane Festival, with plenty to do and see in the town all year round. The old market town remains traditional and still holds markets each week (the Peebles Community Food Market takes place every Saturday and the town market takes place every Thursday.
The town also offers more adventurous activities such as Glentress forest for cycling and walking or visit the brilliant Go Ape forest adventure activity which includes an incredibly high zip-wire over a reservoir.
Peebles really has a whole host of activities on offer, with something for everyone – particularly in the summer months. Which is why we think this stunning town is well worth a visit.

Hiking Trails in Scotland – St Cuthbert’s Way

With so much to do and see in Peebles and the surrounding areas, why not explore the stunning area on foot with EasyWays. At EasyWays we provide a range of walking holidays along a number of hiking trails in Scotland, including our St Cuthbert’s Way walk. The route begins in the quaint town of Melrose, not too far from Peebles. The St Cuthbert’s Way Walk allows you to explore some of the stunning landscapes located in the Scottish Border’s before you cross the border into England. St Cuthbert’s Way also allows you to see a number of historical buildings and landmarks as you make your way from Peebles to the Holy Isle. Walking holidays in Scotland are always the best of fun.
If you are interested in learning about the other walking holiday options EasyWays have, look at our last post to discover more!
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