There are so many places to walk in Scotland, that offer so much to see! This season if you book a walking holiday with EasyWays you will have the chance to see the beautiful Scottish Salmon in their prime.

QUINTESSENTIALLY Scottish as the roaring red deer stag, soaring golden eagle or red grouse hidden among the heather, the majestic Atlantic salmon undertakes one of the most complex migrations in the animal world.


Our Salmon Friends

Salmon are one of Scotland’s premier natives, being central to the culture, religion and day-to-day lives of its people for thousands of years.
This particular animal is anadromous. This means they divide their lives between freshwater and the ocean. Salmon are born in freshwater, develop at sea and return to their natal streams to spawn a new generation.
As one of nature’s more unusual events, migration attracts a significant amount of interest from tourists and locals who love to watch them leap.

Where can I see the salmon?

Thankfully, there are many places in Scotland where salmon can be observed:

A Walking Holiday Which Includes

Viewing salmon leaping can be a real highlight of any holiday – especially for nature lovers!

Salmon on the Rob Roy Way

Another one of the popular places to walk in Scotland is the Pitlochry area! Many of our holidaymakers enjoy the Pitlochry Dam Fish Ladder on the final day of the Rob Roy Way.
It’s a spectacular sight, being used by 5,000 fish every year and is easily accessed from the Pitlochry Train Station with a short 0.3 mile journey.
We’ve created directions which can be accessed here.

Tips for seeing the Salmon

Our friends at Visit Scotland have some excellent advice:

  • Fish tend to be more active in the early morning and evening so time your visit to make the most of your salmon spotting.
  • Note the weather conditions – a sudden wet spell after a dry period often provides the perfect conditions for the salmon to leap.
  • Find a good vantage point – bridges and weirs are ideal. Once you’ve identified where the salmon are leaping, you can move closer to the river for a better view. However, be careful on wet slippery banks!
  • Take the same approach as you would when doing any other kind of wildlife watching. It helps to be patient and keep still, as fish, like many other wild creatures, are sensitive to vibrations and noises.
  • You could see a salmon on any day of the year, but peak times are September to November (winter run) and February to March (spring run)

Viewing Nature

There are so many options when it comes to places to walk in Scotland.
The Arran Coastal Way has an amazing array of birds, butterflies and plants.
Or, how about the North Highland Way where otters, seals and many more animals can be seen!
arran coastal way - popular places to walk in scotland

Places to Walk in Scotland With EasyWays

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