Walking holidays UK based are so popular! There are so many options of routes to walking around Scotland. Enjoying the year of walking with an EasyWays walking holiday. Walking holidays in Scotland are always very rewarding!

One step at a time…

Have you started your Year of Walking?
Don’t worry if you haven’t! We’ve barely started in 2016 and there is still plenty of time to get started.
If you have health concerns that are making you a little nervous about getting out and about, a Health Walk is an excellent place to start. There are short, safe, social, fun, accessible, low level walks led by trained volunteers.
Find out more about these walks and whether they’re a good idea for you on Paths for All. Many areas have local initiatives, such as Step Forth and Braveheart in the Falkirk area.

Make the time!

If you’re struggling to find time for fitness, walking is the easiest type to fit into your daily routine. Some people use pedometers to count the number of steps they take each day and use it as a personal benchmark to improve upon.  You can easily increase your steps per day by taking the stairs instead of the lift, using public transport instead of the car (or walking the entire way!), walking the dog a little bit further… We’d love to hear your ideas for incorporating walking into your everyday routines!
A great, effective way to increase your fitness is to set yourself targets. Be realistic about what you can already do, make sure your targets are realistic and you’re set! If you aim a little too high, you may get easily discouraged.
Once you’re confident that you could walk at least 4 miles a day, several days in a row, we recommend our Scott Walks in the Lake District. Based at the Crow Park Hotel, your hosts will be happy to advise you on a choice of 10 walking routes to suit your preferences and abilities.
This allows you the flexibility of a shorter route or a day off if you’re a little more tired than anticipated.
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The Fife Coastal Path is another excellent route for beginners. The walk is comprised of 9 stages ranging between 3 and 14 miles. However, the terrain is mainly flat and you have the option of taking the bus for part of the way.

Walking Holidays UK Based with EasyWays

It is worthwhile to look at our last post to see what walking holidays UK based would be best suited to you!
If you have questions about the suitability of any of our walks, please contact our knowledgeable team for expert advice.