Interested in one of the best activity holidays Europe has to offer? Why not try one of our adventure tours in Norway?
One of the most popular walking destinations in Norway, the Aurland Valley or Aurlandsdalen Valley is known as the ‘’Grand Canyon!” With beautiful views of the fjords and lush surroundings, Aurland Valley is ideal for outdoor adventure!
Booking your Norwegian walking holiday with EasyWays, you can expect an ideal trip! We cater to whatever you need! The route from Oslo to Flåm can be personalised and tweaked to ensure that your time in this stunning country is spent the best it can possibly be.

Where is the Aurland Valley?

aurland valley norway hike

There is so much beautiful scenery around the Aurland Valley.

On the Norway bike and hike route, the Aurland Valley is an attraction in the last part of the trip! Located just 20 miles from Flåm, the Valley is 40km long and was originally used by the farmers who were travelling on their way to markets in Eastern Norway. Nowadays the valley is a beautiful spot for tourists to experience the charm of Norway. The mainly downhill valley route lets you see the wild nature, farms and waterfalls of Aurland.

What is there to see in Flåm?

In Flåm, one of the best activity holidays Europe has to offer

In Flåm, there is so much to see and experience!

A lot of the Norway Bike and Hike time is spent in and around the village of Flåm. A very popular attraction for tourists who would like to ride the Flåmbana Railway or cycle around the Rallarvegen route. The activity holidays Europe has to offer are amazing, with beautiful landscapes, the Norway bike and hike covers a unique area!

The Flåm Railway

bridge to glacier
Known as one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world, the Flåm Railway is among Norway’s most popular tourist attractions! This can easily be incorporated into your walking holiday. The journey across Western Norway takes only an hour. Running through mountains, waterfalls, tunnels and several viewpoints! In fact, most of the journey is at a gradient! Not only our does this Norwegian holiday offer adventure, it also offers spectacular lifetime experiences.

What else to expect!

waterfall in norway

More stunning Norwegian nature!

Want to spend more time in Oslo? Either at the beginning or end of your trip why not stay a couple of extra nights in Norway’s capital city Oslo! The Scandinavian city is another rich in culture and attractions, just like it’s countryside. Did you come to Norway to see the fjords? The Stegastein Viewpoint is not to be missed! You can take a bus trip from Flåm to experience a panoramic view of the Aurland fjord.

Norway Bike & Hike Activity Holidays Europe

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