The Devil’s Staircase

Have you ever wanted to walk the West Highland Way Devil’s Staircase? From the Kingshouse to Kinlochleven, the highest point along this leg is known as the Devil’s Staircase. The Devil’s Staircase is one of the most anticipated sections of the West Highland Way Walk!

When you begin the West Highland Way experience, you may be walking for a range of reasons. We highly recommend this in-depth article on the West Highland Way by Camino Adventures. The walk has a number of terrains, landscapes and iconic locations that you come across. Though, many people know that the West Highland Way Devil’s Staircase is one of the best parts!

With EasyWays, walking such a route is made easy with great organisation, planning and your consideration. Throughout all sections of the walk, we ensure that you have all you need. When it comes to this leg of the West Highland Way, your experience of the Devil’s Staircase will be enhanced, and will be a massive success. Using EasyWays to help with your walking tour will make your break as stress-free as possible.

Setting off from Kingshouse, this leg of the West Highland Way is the most anticipated


The easiest way to access the West Highland Way Devil’s Staircase is from the A82 road, between Crianlarich and Fort William. If you are only walking the Devil’s Staircase, the mountain is near a car park so easily accessed by car if you are using the trail for mountain biking! Also, The path is easily identified with a well-defined stone track. However, if you are walking the West Highland Way, you continue the normal route. Want to customize your walking route?

Blackwater Reservoir

Along the route up towards the top of the Devil’s Staircase, you come across Blackwater Reservoir. Which, at 900 metres, is the longest dam in the Highlands. A place of history, the reservoir was built in 1907 to provide power for the works going on in Kinlochleven.

Think that the West Highland Way and Devil’s Staircase sounds ideal? Here is what Greg from Glasgow, UK thought of his EasyWays walking tour experience!

“Thank you for the incredible 5 day walk of the WHW we had last week. Your planning and accommodation selection was absolutely first class. Every one of our party could not fault any of the locations you had selected and all the meals were fantastic. So much so that we are planning another trip next year and we will be in touch shortly. Genuinely we could not fault any part of the tour.” – Gregg (Glasgow, UK) West Highland Way May 2015

Why is it called the Devil’s Staircase?

Between the 18th and 20th century, many  people in Glen Coe have been believed to have been ‘claimed by the Devil.’ This is because many workers at the reservoir, after failing to return home after a winter’s night at the local pub, would have struggled the steep path of the route. This is why the nickname ‘Devil’s Staircase’ came about.

Blackwater Reservoir is an idyllic setting!

Ending up in Kinlochleven, the views are incredible.

Useful information!

If you are considering walking the West Highland Way Devil’s Staircase, it important to note that the route is considered difficult. To reach the top is very worthwhile due to the spectacular views, but only walk the route if you are prepared and know the weather conditions! With a distance of 6 miles which takes a time of 3 hours, the route is definitely a highlight of the West Highland Way.

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