Are you running the West Highland Way race? One of the most known of the ultra marathon routes in Scotland! Running the West Highland Way route you can expect to see some spectacular views over Loch Lomond. At this time of year, the weather will be ideal for running and will highlight the West of Scotland scenery in the best way.

Ultra Marathon Scotland – The West Highland Way

Have you previously completed an ultra marathon? With the West Highland Way Race coming up on the 23rd and 24th of June, now is the perfect time to think about ultra running.

What is an Ultra Marathon?

An ultra marathon has a longer distance than a normal marathon. A marathon normally is 26 miles, whereas an ultra marathon can be any distance from 31 miles upwards! With a distance of 95 miles, the West Highland Way Race is one of the longer ultra marathon Scotland based races.

Why Should You Take Part?

If you are already a marathon runner or have previously completed ultra marathons you will know that the experience can be addicting! With so many all around the UK there are lots of opportunities to register and run. Aside from the health benefits, an ultra marathon can give you the chance to meet people and create friendships!

Where to Start?

Though it is too late to register to run the WHW race this June, if you are thinking of running the West Highland Way Race in 2019, it is worth knowing a couple of things!

  • The course requires you to climb 14,760 ft
  • There are checkpoints starting in Balmaha at roughly every 10 miles
  • You need to have a group of at least 2 people available for motorised support, one of whom must be able to run alongside you

Enjoy your time ultra marathon running no matter where you are.
Interested in running the West Highland Way but can’t make this year’s race? You can complete the challenge with EasyWays when you would like! Or, if you would rather walk the trail or another of our walking holiday packages.
Get in touch if you would like to experience this long distance route.