There are so many walks in Sutherland to enjoy! The route along the north coast makes it particularly easy to explore and experience the historical aspects of the area.

What is The Castle and Gardens of Mey

The story of the castle begins with tragedy, where it was first visited by Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother in 1952 whilst she was mourning the death of her husband.
During that time it was still under the original name of Barrogill Castle.
Falling for its isolated charm and, after hearing that it was to be abandoned, she decided to renovate the impressive property.
This covered both the castle and gardens within the grounds.

What is it located?

The castle is located on the north coast of Scotland, in Canisbay, Caithness. It’s about 15 miles from Thurso/6 miles from John O’Groats.
It overlooks the Pentland Firth and you can even see the Orkney Islands!
Historians believe that the grounds were originally home to a fortified granary.

When is it open?

It’s open from 18th May until 30 September inclusive (excluding 25th July until 9th August).
The castle is open daily, in season, from 10.20am. The last admission is at 4pm.

What is there to do?

Walks in Sutherland give you the opportunity to experience so many different new things!

The Gardens

When the Queen Mother decided to renovate the castle, she also took it upon herself to invest in the neglected gardens.
Thanks for James Sinclair and Sandy Webster, the gardens were brought back to former glory.

The Animal Centre

The animal centre has been well restored and is almost fully functional.
It features poultry including chickens and ducks, sheep, pigs, rabbits and cows. It’s a great way to see the variety of Scottish animals.
In the first half of the season, children can even nurse lambs with a milk bottle!

Walks in Sutherland

Choosing to walk along the north coast, your journey will begin in the beautiful town of Thurso!
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