Walk the West Highland Way and experience one of the greatest routes Scotland has to offer!

You may be looking for an alternative family holiday or maybe you’re looking to challenge your fitness and stamina levels. Whatever the reason, you won’t be disappointed. The West Highland Way is Scotland’s most famous and popular walking route and at EasyWays, we find people coming back year in, year out to complete the West Highland Way because they enjoy it so much! There is every reason to walk the West Highland Way!
We believe that the West Highland Way has so much to offer to people of all ages and we’d like to share what we believe are some of the best reasons to walk Scotland’s West Highland Way

The Variety

From rolling fields to the idyllic, serene beauty of Loch Lomond to the rugged highlands right to picturesque Fort William, there is plenty to see as you walk the West Highland Way!
Many people cite the sights as one of the main reasons they undertake the West Highland Way. For photographers, there is endless opportunity for photographers. The views along the West Highland Way are stunning regardless of weather! Rain or shine, the sights you’ll see are unforgettable and truly capture the beauty that Scotland has to offer.

Scottish Wildlife

Something that we’ve found isn’t mentioned quite as much but is definitely worth noting is the vast amount of wildlife you’ll see along the way. From small roe deer to majestic golden eagles to the red deer to feral goats and so much more!
The West Highland Way is ideal for anybody who takes a keen interest in Scottish Wildlife and in many cases, you can see the animals close up. Some are a little more difficult to spot such as mountain hares but when you do, they’re a beautiful treat!

The Challenge

The West Highland way stretches across 96 miles and across those 96 miles there are hills, muddy fields and some tricky parts to climb. It’s a challenge for anybody regardless of fitness level though it is recommended that you prepare yourself physically for the trek.
The challenge is not so much in the walk itself (though that is difficult!) but in the stamina and to fight through the more difficult parts of the walk so that you can truly appreciate the sights and have a true feeling of accomplishment.
There may also be a challenge if you’re in a team! You may rely on one another for reassurance, team spirit or just encouragement when things get tough or when the weather is miserable.
Walking the West Highland Way is a huge achievement and the challenges that come with it are really just part of the fun.

Meeting new people

Walk The West Highland Way And Meet New People On The Way!
People travel far and wide to walk The West Highland Way! On your trek, you could meet people from a variety of different countries, backgrounds, ages from you and the comradarie between hikers is something that many cite as one of the best parts as you walk the West Highland Way.
As well as this, the remote pubs you can visit after a long day’s hiking can be excellent experiences, especially for people who have never been to Scotland before as they will have the opportunity to experience true Scottish spirit and humour.

You could do it for charity

Looking to get a little more motivation to walk the West Highland Way? Or maybe you just want to make a difference and enjoy challenging yourself.
Many walkers choose to undertake the West Highland Way as a charitable activity and are sponsored by friends and family to complete the walk for their chosen charity.
You can find out more about charity walks and what they’ve entailed in the past by checking out our recent blog post!

It’s an unforgettable experience

Whether you go alone, with family, friends or even a walking group, the West Highland Way is an absolutely unforgettable experience. The sights, the challenges and the overall feeling of accomplishment are unbeatable and can’t easily be replicated.
It’s a great alternative to the standard family holiday and is an excellent opportunity for busy families to bond together.
Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or the West Highland Way is your first real hiking experience, it really is like no other and that’s why so many walkers find themselves coming back every year!

Walk the West Highland Way with EasyWays Walking Holidays

At EasyWays, we offer walking holidays on a fixed price, self-guided basis. Our holidays are suitable for all walkers and we are on hand to help out with any questions or concerns you may have.
We also know that planning the stops on the route can be complicated and we are happy to help you out with any potential confusions.
Find out more about our West Highland Way walking holidays and what we can do for you by getting in touch today. We look forward to hearing from you!