walking after lockdownNever before have we experienced a restriction on our outdoor activities like we have under our respective government’s lockdown.
Those of us living in towns or cities have been making the most of our local parks.  Everyone has benefitted from their permitted time outdoors.  It’s helped us to destress from work, clear our heads of worries or just been a chance to move our bodies and break the cabin fever.
However, with months of lockdown behind us our daily walking routes can be a bit monotonous.  Many of us are starting to feel the need to get out for longer and craving change of scenery.  We are thinking ahead to long distance walking after lockdown.
Experts are raising concerns for long term effects on our mental health caused by lockdown with feelings of loneliness amongst adults in the UK reportedly doubled during the past three months.
With many of us living alone and unable to see friends or family loneliness is unavoidable.  Plus, a daily stream of negativity on the news and social media can lead to a constant state of anxiety.

What’s next?

With a route map laid out for easing out of lockdown in Scotland we are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel.  Here at Easyways, of course we have been monitoring any items relating to ‘getting around’ and ‘sport, leisure and culture activities’.   Firstly, because we are longing for the days when our walking community can explore Scotland’s beautiful landscape again.  Also because we know how much of a positive effect walking after lockdown will have on everyone’s wellbeing.

The Benefits of Walking After Lockdown

walking after lockdownWe have written about the health benefits of long-distance walking before.  Spending time in nature can help to reduce stress and allow us to feel more relaxed and peaceful.  Also, being in natural surroundings can even improve our self-esteem, something also affected by limited social contact.
Another great benefit of getting outdoors on long distance walks is our sleep pattern.  Many people have spoken about how their sleep has been affected during lockdown.  Getting outside for lengthier periods of exercise can really improve both quantity and quality of sleep.
In 2018, doctors in Scotland began to prescribe time in nature for chronic illness and “ecotherapy” has seen a rise in popularity.  This is a formal therapy using outdoors and nature often accompanied by other forms of treatment therapies or natural medication.
Therefore, as we begin the journey of progress through each phase of easing out of lockdown, we remain positive.  We hope to be able to re-introduce our full schedule of walking holidays around Scotland this late summer or at worst, Spring 2021.
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