If you are thinking of booking a walking holiday, EasyWays can make the whole process easier. Our team are dedicated to ensuring that every one of our clients has a unique experience while walking their chosen route. We can cater to any one of our walking holidays in the UK to your needs and requests! It doesn’t matter if you’re walking the West Highland Way or the Dava Way; you can rely on the EasyWays team.

4 Benefits of Booking Walking Holidays in the UK with EasyWays

booking walking holiday easyways

There are many benefits to booking a walking holiday with EasyWays.

No Stress

One of the main reasons we believe so many walkers choose to book with us is because it makes the whole  “booking a holiday” process significantly less stressful. We handle every aspect of the organisation, which includes;

  • Booking accommodation
  • Booking an efficient and reliable baggage transfer service
  • Emergency support from a dedicated team
  • Travel information from local and avid walkers

You can relax while booking your walking holiday, with the reassurance that EasyWays are taking care of all planning aspects.


Whether you would like to extend your trip for an additional weekend or alter a walking route to spend another day in a specific location, EasyWays will ensure that any requirement you may have is met. For first time walkers, we will make sure that you have all the necessary information, which includes knowledge from locals. Because the EasyWays team are passionate walkers, you can expect any advice to come from a place of experience and understanding.
In fact, in our last post, we explain how to combine a visit to Outlander highlights with walking the South Loch Ness Trail. This shows just how flexible and accommodating our holiday packages can be!

All Booked in Advance

Another benefit of deciding to book with our walking team is that you’ll be able to fully enjoy the experience of travelling to the walking route, without any worry. As we mentioned previously, booking in advance means all elements of your trip will be prepared and waiting long before you are due to arrive. This means that upon reaching your walking holiday destination, you can fully immerse yourself the beautiful Scottish surroundings!

Dedicated Team for Support

The final benefit of booking a walking holiday with our team is that you and your group are guaranteed to have emergency support from a dedicated team at every stage of the walking route. One of the most important aspects of our walking holiday package, our emergency support service is essential for every group of walkers, for every route around the country.
Rely on EasyWays to take care of everything when booking your walking holiday in 2019.