Looking for historic walking trails in Tuscany? The EasyWays Via Francigena is an ancient path of pilgrimage! Explore Tuscan tradition and historic, religious heritage by walking the Via Francigena and following in the footsteps of Sigerico, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Historic Walking Trails in Tuscany – The Via Francigena

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Looking for walking trails in Tuscany? EasyWays can help you.

Starting in Canterbury and crossing Europe, the Via Francigena is a stunning heritage trail dating back to the Middle Ages. From the WWI battlefields to the Champagne region, Lake Geneva and the mighty Alps, the Aosta Valley and Tuscany, the Via Francigena is full of history and amazing landscapes to explore on your way to Rome, the dazzling Eternal City!

The EasyWays Via Francigena Package

EasyWays offers an opportunity to experience an iconic part of the Francigena walking through the gentle landscapes of Tuscany on a journey you will never forget.  The remote towns and hilltop citadels combine with the wonderful wines you will taste, the food you will discover and the friendly people you will meet! Take a look at our last post to find out more about our walk of the month.

Route Taken by Sigerico

The 1,000 year old Via Francigena is one of the most well known pilgrim routes in the world. It marks the way of Sigerico, who needed to travel to the Vatican in order to be ordained as Archbishop of Canterbury in 990AD. While on his way from Canterbury to Rome – a distance of 2,000km,  Sigerico noted 80 stops made, of which 15 were in Tuscany on arguably the most scenic part of the route.

More Recent History

The Via Francigena was recognised as a cultural route by the Council of Europe in 1994. Nowadays, much like our most popular route; the West Highland Way, people come from all over to walk and cycle the Via Francigena!
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