Kathi from Watch Me See enjoys our Scottish Walking Holidays

Recently we were honoured to welcome award-winning travel writer, photographer and videographer Kathi behind the well respected and popular Scotland Travel Blog – Watch Me See into our Polmont Office, to discuss the walking holidays and service we provide.

Kathi moved to Scotland in 2013 and with such a love and passion for this country, she started Watch Me See to share her knowledge and experiences of long distance walking with others.

We were delighted to learn that someone with Kathi’s weatlh of experience, would highly recommend a company like EasyWays and will be considering using our services for her next walking holiday. Find out more on Kathi’s thoughts on EasyWays Walking Scotland – here.

Check out Kathi’s page and podcast where she shares top tips and practical advice for walking holidays in Scotland, full of travel inspiration to “fuel your wanderlust for Scotland!”

Make the organising of your next walking holiday easy with  EasyWays Walking Scotland!