Interested in running ultra marathons? There are many that take place all over the UK, especially Scotland, during summer! Ultra marathons are always exciting events; whether you are an experienced runner looking to take part in another race, or you simply have an interest in the sport, take a look at these ultra marathons!
The EasyWays team have just recently introduced an ultra running package for the West Highland Way! There is a massive interest in ultra marathon running and amongst the beautiful surroundings of Scotland, is there a better place to race? Check out these 3 ultra marathons coming up in the next couple of months.

Running Ultra Marathons with EasyWays

Great Glen Ultra

Taking place on the 7th of July, the Great Glen Ultra is a day-long race which has a distance of 71 miles. The trail begins at Neptune’s Staircase on the Caledonian Canal in Fort William and heads north to Inverness and follows the same trail of the Great Glen Way route, which would take 6 days walking!

Speyside Way Ultra

speyside walking holiday

The Speyside Ultra follows the Speyside Way.

On the 25th of August another ultramarathon is taking place: the Speyside Way Ultra. This trail is shorter than the Great Glen Ultra however still showcases the beautiful scenery of the Scottish highlands. Of course, with any outdoor event held in Scotland, the weather will be a concern. It is a matter out of our hands, but if you are running the race be prepared.

Tiree Ultramarathon

Later on in the year on the 9th of September is the Tiree Ultramarathon. A shorter race of 35 miles, this is a race around the whole island of Tiree, and it begins on a beach! Setting it apart from the others this summer, entry for this race can be individual or as a part of a team.
These ultramarathons are coming up very soon and are all full for this year, however there is always the chance to train for next year! If you would like to learn more about running ultra marathons, look at our last post.
Run an ultra marathon with EasyWays.