If you are planning a trip in Scotland hill walking holidays are a great idea! There is so much to think about before you go! Walking with EasyWays will help you to be organised and looking forward to the trip!

Find a rucksack for your Scotland Hill Walking Holiday

Finding the right rucksack for your Scotland hill walking holiday can be a difficult task. You need to consider how much you’ll be packing, the weathers you could be facing and how much you’re willing to spend. You need your rucksack to be sturdy, waterproof and compact enough to carry on long hikes whilst still being spacious enough to carry everything you’ll need on your Scotland hill walking holiday.
Mountain Warehouse have a range of specialists backpacks especially for hikers like this Tor 65L backpack. Backpacks like this are comfortable to wear whilst still having plenty of room inside for everything you’ll need.
If you’re looking for something a little more quirky or maybe if you’re planning small day trips as well as your overall hike, you may consider something like this travel pack. As well as having a 60L main backpack, it also offers a detachable, 20L bag for smaller trips so that you don’t find yourself unnecessarily carrying around a huge bag. There is no better walking holiday than a Scotland hill walking holiday!
Or, maybe you prefer to stand out from the crowd – even when it comes to your hiking backpacks! If so, this purple Osprey backpack would be right up your street – especially if you’re a woman since it’s been intelligently designed to fit a woman’s body!

What should I pack?

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect backpack for your Scotland hill walking holiday, what should you put in it?! It’s vital to pack as lightly as possible – the walk is a big enough challenge without the stress of carrying a huge bag! However, there are essentials that must be packed!

  • Camera – walking holidays in Scotland offer so many breathtaking views, it would be a shame to not be able to capture them in the moment and revisit them in years to come. From mountains, to cloud inversions, to wildlife, landscapes and waterfalls… Scotland has so much natural beauty for you to photograph!
  • Comfortable, waterproof walking boots – it’s vital that you invest in the most durable, comfortable and tailored-to-you walking boots. You’re going to find yourself walking through mud, rain and streams so it’s important that your feet are protected along the way! As well as this, if your feet and ankles are unsupported, you’re more likely to be injured and unable to finish your trip.
  • Hydration packs – these are great for people who find themselves forgetting to drink! A firm favourite amongst hikers and cyclists, hydration packs are ideal for long trips.
  • Base layers. Base layers weigh next to nothing but effectively keep your body warm and protected against all weathers – combine them with a woolen second base layer and you’re good to go!
  • Waterproof jacket – this one goes without saying really! Even if you’re having your trip in the height of Summer, Scottish weather dictates that you’ll likely be rained on at some point or another!
  • Energy or protein bars – not a substitute for real meals but great for keeping you going in between!
  • Walking poles – some of our walkers don’t use poles but those that do, love them! They’re great for people with problematic knees or anybody that struggles with their balance occassionally, especially when it comes to crossing streams etc
  • Maps – even if you’re in areas that you know, it’s important to always have maps with you even if it’s just to motivate yourself for the sights that you’ll soon be seeing!
  • Sweet treats/home comforts – as great as these trips are, in the more difficult hours, you may find yourself feeling a little homesick or craving some home comforts. For a lot of people, these are sweet treats! Ensure that you pack at least one home comfort if you’re the sentimental type!
  • Socks – this may be a surprising addition for some but on camping and walking holidays, many people bring an abundance of fresh socks for changing into throughout the day in order to keep feeling fresh and clean

A dog enjoying some Scotland hill walking
Packing your dog is optional!

Walk the West Highland Way with EasyWays

Many of our customers enjoy the walking holiday both on a self-guided and fixed-price basis! The West Highland Way is Scotland’s most famous walking route and was the first official walking route for Scotland so it’s no surprise that so many people return to do it all again each year!
If you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned walker, EasyWays can provide the Scotland hill walking holiday you’ve been looking for. We offer a range of trips across Scotland and can offer advice and guidance on what will work best for you and your group.
Looking out for other opportunities to enjoy a Scotland hill walking holiday? Look at our last post to get more ideas as to how you can walk with friends!
To find out more about EasyWays and what we can do for you, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!