Which outdoor walking boots are best for you? Having good quality walking shoes is so important, not only for practicality reasons but for the health of your feet. There are a number of shoes suitable for different types of walking and so, a number of things to consider.
At EasyWays we are always looking for ways to help and advise walkers. The right walking equipment is essential, and so doing your research to understand what you will need is so worth the time! Whether you are walking The West Highland Way or going for a stroll with your family, make sure you are wearing good quality boots. Look at our last post to find out what gifts would be ideal for  family and friends who love walking.

Our Outdoor Walking Boots Advice – What to Think About!

Where are you Walking?

west highland way outdoor walking boots

What boots you wear will be affected by where you are walking.

One of the main things to think about when choosing your walking boots, is where you are walking. Consider the terrain and weather conditions of the walking route. For a less challenging route consisting of paths and mostly flat ground, you will be in need a more light-weight, flexible version of outdoor walking boots. However, if you are going to be walking up steep hills, on uneven ground you will need a pair of boots with more support. The stiffer the boot, the easier it is to maintain your steadiness.

Are your Boots Waterproof?

waterproof boots

Make sure your boots are waterproof!

Another consideration is how waterproof the boots are. Especially in somewhere like Scotland, it is such an important thing to think about. No one wants to walk with soggy feet! Most boots are waterproof, but to get rid of any dampness from sweat, your boots need to be able to breathe. There are a range of walking boots on the market that offer this.

How Well Do They Fit?

walking boot measurements

The size of boot you wear is so important when buying the best pair of walking boots!

Think about the fit of the boot. Making sure you have been correctly fitted also vital in making sure your feet are kept well and comfortable. Fitting outdoor walking boots is not only about the size of your feet, it is about the shape of your foot and flexibility. Take advantage of the boot fitting service offered by the boot retailer!

What Socks Are Best?

walking boot socks

The right sock choice is essential for comfort.

Have you got the most appropriate socks? Though not as important as the boots, socks do make a big difference. Consider the insulation, padding and elasticity. For your comfort, make sure you are wearing good quality walking socks.
EasyWays are always thinking of how to help keen walkers. We always strive to give the best advice!