Are you looking for eco friendly travel options? Walking holidays are considered one of the most environmentally conscious ways to see the world! Spend time walking in the most stunning of scenery, knowing that you’re not damaging the landscapes or eco-systems and keeping your carbon footprint small.

Eco Friendly Travel with EasyWays

eco friendly travel

Encourage others to enjoy a walking holiday, the best form of eco friendly travel!

Paperless Transaction System

At EasyWays we are always taking steps to improve our practices of recycling, energy efficiency and green living. As part of our passion for improving our sustainable business practice year on year, we implemented a paperless transaction system for clients this year. We now send out a unique link (URL) which allows you to access all your holiday information with the click of a mouse!  This system replaces our old paper-intensive Tour Packs so that, after booking your holiday with us, you;

  • Receive information about your holiday sooner
  • Can be sure invoices and important paperwork won’t get lost in the post
  • Can easily share this information with others in your group

GUIBO Navigation App

Next year we are improving the map section of our Tour Pack URLs by introducing an option for walkers to download an accurate map with GPS navigation. Your map will be personalised to show the locations of the specific accommodation that EasyWays has booked on your behalf. The GUIBO navigation app is incredibly user friendly and flexible. It allows you to instantly access and download maps with simple navigation information at the touch of a button. You will be able to download all maps you require for your holiday prior to starting out – you may be far away from any WiFi on the route! Of course, for those who still would like printed out directions, documents and maps etc. we will be able to provide these.

Scottish Outdoor Access Code

As we mentioned in this blog post from early 2018, we encourage EasyWays walkers to respect the outdoors. The Scottish Outdoor Access Code  outlines just how you can go about protecting the outdoor environment. While this code is not law, it is important! Some of the main points that you should consider carefully are:

  • Caring for the surroundings you’re in
  • Acting responsibly and sensibly
  • Respectfully enjoying the outdoors

Going about implementing these codes is not difficult. Take a few simple steps, such as don’t drop litter, try and limit the amount of plastic you are using (use a refillable water bottle instead of disposable plastic) and keep alert for hazards. Whether you’re walking the West Highland Way or the Cateran Trail, be mindful of where you are and what you’re doing!
We are also proud to support the Fife Coastal Path’s Big Green Footprint scheme! Why not check out the Fife Coastal Path? You can find out more about this route and the areas it goes through in out last post!
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