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Buying presents for keen walkers this year? If you’re struggling to find gifts for your adventurous family or friends, follow EasyWays’ guide for some gift ideas for outdoor lovers!

Gift Ideas for Outdoor Lovers – The EasyWays Guide

Stocking Fillers


No matter what their purpose, everyone loves to receive socks as a stocking gift. Walking socks are essential for any adventure enthusiast. We guarantee that if your relative or friend is an avid long distance walker, they will definitely appreciate a good quality pair of walking boot socks!

Buffs, Gloves and Beanie Hats

Track down a buff and a beanie hat and you have yourself another great stocking filler! Though it may seem not all that exciting to gift someone a hat, we can guarantee that well-made outerwear is always a good gift route for anyone outdoorsy.

Hand or Foot Warmer

Trying to find something a bit different? Go for a hand warmer! You’ll always need something to warm you up after walking in Scotland. So, hand or foot warmers are a very valuable piece of kit. And we believe the perfect treat for your adventuring loved ones this Christmas.

outdoor equipment christmas gifts

Impress family and friends with outdoor equipment gifts this Christmas!

Under the Tree

For those with parents, children or close friends with an outdoor obsession you may be looking for a larger present!


Boots are obviously an essential for any walker. If you are looking to gift some walking boots, you’ll need to do your research! Think about where your loved one walks the most, what kind of terrain these routes are and the distance. You can always take a look at the pair they already have to gauge what they like.


Another pricier item you may be thinking of investing in is a jacket. Like walking boots, there are so many styles out there. Choose something waterproof and of high quality. As we mentioned in our last post we are continuing our campaign for sustainable travel year on year. And so we encourage you to go for a jacket made from an eco-friendly, ethical brand. Of course, no matter which one you choose, we are sure that your recipient will be grateful!

A Walking Holiday

If you are thinking of giving a gift that everyone can enjoy, a walking holiday is one of the most thoughtful gift ideas for outdoor lovers! With routes all over Scotland, anyone adventurous will love a walking holiday from EasyWays. In 2019, plan for a trip where your friends and family can spend time together and enjoy the beautiful Scottish scenery! Whether you choose the West Highland Way or the Isle of Skye, EasyWays will take care of your group and ensure you have the best time possible.
Surprise your friends and family with a walking holiday with EasyWays in 2019.