In one of our previous blog posts, we told you about the health benefits of long distance walking. A lengthy walk is gentle on joints and articulations, but will still provide you with a great whole body workout. Aside from these benefits, studies have shown that walking will have a positive effect on your mental well being.
But where should you start? 
While walking is an activity that doesn’t require any specific gear, long distance waking is a different story! To prepare for your walk, you need at the very least a water bottle, sturdy walking shoes, and a backpack with an emergency kit. As for what clothing you should wear, you should layer effectively to suit the ever changing weather conditions in Scotland.
Be careful when choosing your walk and make sure you have taken into consideration your fitness level. If you are a complete novice to long distance walking you may regret selecting a really challenging route that may include uphill and slippery sections.
Take a look at some of the walks we recommend.

Easy Walk: Moray Coastal Way

benefits of long distance walking
This beautiful part of North East Scotland has much to offer for long distance walking enthusiasts, yet, it’s relatively unknown by outdoor lovers and walkers alike. Moray has sandy beaches, rugged cliffs and an amazing wildlife to discover. It’s a great choice for people who are new to waking, as it is mostly flat.

Moderate Walk: St Cuthbert’s Way

St Cuthbert’s way is perfect for history lovers. The walk starts at the gates of Melrose Abbey, where interestingly the heart of Robert the Bruce is interred! The 100km (62 mile) trail was named after the 7th-century saint Cuthbert, a native of the borders. The routes takes you from Melrose in the Scottish Borders (where Cuthbert’s religious life began) to Holy Island off the coast of Northumberland, where his initial resting place is located. St Cuthbert’s Way varies in terms of difficulty for both navigation and the terrain of the route, however the walk is suitable for almost everyone and can be customised to suit your abilities.
benefits of long distance walking

Challenging Walk: West Highland Way

The West Highland Way is Scotland’s premier walking route linking the Central Lowlands with the Highlands. On this route, you will have the opportunity to discover various lochs, glens, moors, farmland and mountains. This iconic walking route has plenty of beautiful sights to contemplate, but it is a more strenuous walk, ideal for seasoned walkers who are looking for a challenge.

benefits of long distance walking
For further advice, contact the Easyways Team. We are here to help you choose the walking route best suited to your needs and fitness level.