Are you thinking about embarking on a long distance walk for charity? Arranging sponsored walks for charity can be a daunting task, from planning your route and accommodation to choosing a charity and setting up your sponsorship. Fortunately, with Easyways, you can plan your next sponsored walk with ease. Below you can find some of our top tips for arranging a sponsored walk to ensure that your walk goes without a hitch! Have a look at our last blog article to find out more about some of this year’s sponsored walks along the West Highland Way.

Plan in Advance

Planning in advance is the best thing you can do when it comes to arranging sponsored walks for charity. By planning in advance you give yourself plenty of time to arrange every aspect of your sponsored walk. From improving your personal fitness levels to buying the right equipment for the walk, you have plenty of time to get yourself ready for the challenge ahead. Check out this blog article for even more reasons to get your walk booked in early!

speyside way walkers - sponsored walks for charity

Get Your Friends Involved

Getting your friends involved in the walk is a great way to raise even more money for your chosen cause, while also allowing you to enjoy a few days away with your friends. From the very beginning, having your friends and family on board will make the experience a brilliant and fun team effort. Not only can they help through the planning stages, but they can also train with you both in the evenings or on weekends to ensure that you are all in good shape for the big walk.

Talk to Easyways About Sponsored Walks for Charity

Arranging your sponsored walk couldn’t be easier thanks to Easyways. Our fantastic team can help arrange every single step of your journey. From the planning of the route itself to accommodation and luggage transfers we will ensure that your sponsored walk goes without a hitch. Having worked with a number of sponsored walking events in the past, you can be sure that our fantastic team can help you plan and arrange your next sponsored walk. Talk to our team today and arrange your very own sponsored walk.