Everyone has the rights and responsibility to respect the Scottish outdoors! The Scottish Outdoor Access Code outlines how, where and when you can exercise your access rights. The code has gained approval from the Scottish Parliament, however, is not a law. The code is based on 3 key foundation ideas!
Walking with EasyWays, we ensure that before a walking holiday, access rights are exercised responsibly! No matter what walk you decide to complete, it is important to consider how you act and what you are permitted to do. After planning walking holidays for people from all over the world, when you walk with EasyWays you can expect a stress-free and organised trip!

What is covered by access rights?

west highland way walkers

Make sure everyone around you is enjoying the Scottish outdoors & comply with the Code!

In order to act in accordance with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, make sure you know your rights!

  • You have the right to engage in outdoor pastimes – such as photography, watching wildlife and visiting historic grounds!
  • Social activities are covered – this includes picnics, dog walks etc.
  • You also have rights to practice a range of outdoor activities and sports. For example, cycling, sailing or rock climbing!
  • Events are covered in access rights. You are free to take part in anything from orienteering to cycling competitions!

Also included in access rights are educational activity, commercial or charity events. However, access rights do not cover privately owned land (commercial or residential), gardens, land where crops are growing, sport or purpose-built grounds and more!

What is the Scottish Outdoor Access Code?

respect the Scottish Outdoor Access Code

Who wouldn’t want to respect the beautiful Scottish landscapes?

The code provides guidance as to how to exercise your access rights on Scotland’s land and water. The Code is based on three key concepts!

  • Respect other people
  • Be considerate of the environment
  • Act responsibly

Where can you exercise your access rights?

north highland way beach shore

The beautiful beach at Oldeshore Beg on The North Highland Way route is covered in your access rights!

You can freely carry out the before mentioned activities in a range places in the Scottish outdoors. A few examples are;

  • Hills, mountains, woodland & forests
  • Lochs, canals and rivers
  • Sports or playing fields that are not in use
  • Beaches, coastline and loch shores

Why is it important to follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code?

It does not matter whether you are a hill walker, mountain biker or canoer, complying with the Code is vital. Respecting our surrounding environment allows people to freely explore Scottish outdoors! As EasyWays walking routes cover all over Scotland, ensuring people practice their access rights responsibly is one of our main priorities!
Here at EasyWays, we like to make sure that our walkers are up to date with the latest in walking news and advice! Look at our last post to learn more about The Kintyre Way.
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