Interested in learning more about outdoor training courses? There are a range of interesting courses you can take part in to broaden your walking experiences! From winter mountaineering to navigation courses, Scotland is the perfect place to complete a course.
At EasyWays we always like to encourage people to experience new things outdoors! Our walks follow established routes and we will always let you know whether the path is waymarked or not. Nevertheless, the ability to read a map and use a compass is always recommended for anyone setting out on a self-guided walk. Our walking routes, such as the West Highland Way walk, are ideal preparation for an outdoor training course. Or after the course, book a walking holiday to try out your new skills!

Summer Walking and Navigation Courses Scotland

west highland way hill

Walk the West Highland Way in preparation for your summer walking or navigation course!

During these colder months, why not look forward to summer? There are a range of summer walking and navigation courses to think about joining! Glenmore Lodge is the Scottish National Outdoor Training Centre and the ideal place to complete some navigation training. Their navigation courses, Scotland based, are the best in the country. Choose from a range of options to improve your walking confidence, skills and capability.

Mountaineering and Scrambling Courses

navigation courses Scotland based help from EasyWays

Think of how much there is to learn when it comes to mountaineering!

Whether you are a beginner or advanced in mountaineering, take an opportunity to learn more about climbing, scrambling and mountaineering! Training with a trusted facility like the National Outdoor Training Centre you can expect to gain the highest standard of training, learning from top level instructors. Looking forward to the future? Think about taking part in the summer scrambling or summer alpine courses!

First Aid Courses

first aid kit

Walking in Scotland can be dangerous, make sure you have some First Aid training!

When it comes to outdoor safety, there are also training courses you can apply to do! First Aid is a crucial skill for anyone to have, no matter how much time you spend mountaineering. Learn and develop basic emergency first aid skills or progress your knowledge of advanced wilderness medicine. In the most remote environments it is vital to have some kind of training in first aid. The EasyWays team are always on hand through out your walking holiday to provide any emergency assistance that is necessary but it is a good idea for everyone to know the basics.
Ready to book your next adventure? An EasyWays walking holiday is the perfect chance to show off your outdoor training!