Planning what to pack for a Summer holiday in Scotland in 2019? We’ll make sure you are fully prepared for your adventure to Scotland!
As we highlighted in our last post there is so much to do in the Scottish summer! No matter where you are travelling to in Scotland; whether your going to the Highlands to experience the North Highland Way or, if you’re heading to the Central Belt to spend time walking the West Highland Way, make sure you pack correctly!

Scotland Summer Walking Holidays 2019 – How to Pack and Prepare

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From packing to walking, EasyWays can help you have the best trip in Scotland!


It doesn’t matter where in Scotland you are, there are a few holiday items you must bring!

Rain Gear

Everyone knows that it can rain in Scotland all year round. Don’t think you can avoid it in summer! And so, make sure you pack durable, good quality rain jackets etc. to protect you during your stay. Rain gear is as important to bring for a walking holiday as well as a city break in Edinburgh or Glasgow.

Insect Repellent

Make sure you are prepared for midges! A biting insect similar to mosquitoes; midges are native to Scotland during the summer months. Make sure that you pack some insect repellent – Avon’s Skin So Soft is very effective.

UK Power Adapter

Though it may not seem like a Scottish walking holiday essential, make sure you pack a UK power adapter! A power adapter will definitely come in handy, no matter where you are or what travel situation you find yourself in.

A Camera

Lastly, don’t forget to bring a good quality camera! Don’t use up your phone memory. Using a camera, you will capture your Scottish adventure in HD; the best way possible.
No matter what Scottish summer holiday you’re preparing and packing for, EasyWays will help you organise the most perfect trip away. We have packages to meet the requirements of any group!
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