With Scottish Highland Games happening throughout the summer season, find out all you need to about these famous Scottish events with help from our outdoor experts!
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Scottish Highland Games: All You Need to Know

What are Highland Games?

For several years, Scottish culture has been celebrated with highland games taking place all over the country. Highland games are especially recognised for featuring unique sporting and athletic events like the caber toss, tug of war, hammer throw and shot put.

What to Expect of Highland Games

The Caber Toss

Maybe one of the most recognised and anticipated events to take place at highland games, the caber toss requires the competitor to use both hands to lift and rest a full length log against their body. After running forward, the competitor tosses the caber into the air in hope that it lands on it’s opposite end. The competitor with the toss that lands as close as possible to 12 o’clock will win.

Hammer Throw

Another event which is known as a feature of the highland games, is the hammer throw. The aim of this event is to throw the hammer as far as possible; whoever throws the furthest will win.

Shot Put

Another tradition of highland games is the shot put. In this activity, competitors are required to throw a large stone which should range from 20 – 26lbs in weight. The winner of the shot put is whoever can throw the furthest – this is either from a fixed standing position or from a run up.

Tug of War

Lastly, highland games tend to have tug of war competitions. This normally involves 8 people pulling against another team of 8 people and is definitely something you should miss if you’re thinking of attending one of the upcoming events!
We are sure that you will be able to find a highland games near your Scottish holiday destination this summer! Whether you’re thinking of walking the West Highland Way or the Arran Coastal Way there will be a highland games you and your walking group can attend.
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