Thinking of booking one of the EasyWays solo walking holidays? We have so many options that are perfect for people traveling alone! The West Highland Way especially is ideal for enjoying Scottish scenery at your own pace.
EasyWays will offer full support at each part of the route! We offer the option of door to door baggage transfer. Also, we provide emergency support if there are any unfortunate situations and a suggested equipment list so you can be fully prepared! Our team will always be on hand if you have any questions that need to be answered or additional help required. With so much experience walking the famous West Highland Way, you can guarantee the people at EasyWays will be there for you!

Why is the West Highland Way Perfect for Solo Walking Holidays?

Easy to Access

glasgow train station milngavie

Milngavie is so easy to access from Glasgow City Centre, perfect for solo walkers!

The West Highland Way is one of the easiest to reach walking routes we offer! The route, beginning in Milngavie, is very near Glasgow. Easy reach by a twenty-minute train journey from the City Centre! This means you can start out your trip smoothly, with trains running every 30 minutes. Also, Milngavie is a large town! The perfect place to grab any last minute walking essentials.

Very Popular Walking Route

solo walking holidays west highland way

You are definitely going to meet other solo walkers along the way!

Another positive if you are deciding to walk the West Highland Way solo, is the fact that it is very popular! You are more than likely to encounter and meet people along your way. Not only will this be a perfect opportunity to meet friends from all over the world, it is also a great way to find a group to walk with! Solo walking holidays are great, but with the WHW, why not walk with some company?

Friendly Locals

Scotland locals west highland way

At each stage, there will be friendly locals to help you out!

The west of Scotland is an extremely friendly place! At each stage of your West Highland Way journey, you meet so many locals happy to help you. Whether you are in Fort William or Drymen, everyone likes to chat and will be happy to answer any questions about the area you may have. Also! You will never feel like a solo traveler in Scotland.

Relaxing & Spectacular Scenery

west highland way scenery

The West Highland Way is the perfect place to relax and unwind by yourself!

The best thing about the West Highland Way is the beautiful scenery that will surround you! Have you booked a walking holiday for a relaxing break? This route is the perfect place to unwind and get some breathing space if you have a hectic lifestyle. With EasyWays taking care of your stresses, relax and take in the best Scottish landscapes.
Here at EasyWays we like to make sure that our walkers are kept up to date with the latest in walking news and advice. Look at our last post to learn more about walking in winter!
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