In honour of St Andrew’s Day coming up on the 30th of November, we have made our walk of the month the Fife Coastal Path. Celebrate Scotland’s patron saint the right way with EasyWays and some St Andrews Day activities.
Throughout November to January, there are many important dates on the Scottish calendar to remember! One of them falls at the end of this month: St Andrew’s Day. Want to find out more about upcoming events? Just take a look at our last post to find out about what walks not to miss in 2019 or ask our team for their recommendations when booking.

The EasyWays Guide to St Andrew’s Day

Who was St Andrew?

Many people know that St Andrew (or St Andrew the Apostle) is Scotland’s patron saint and that there is a town on the east coast named after him. However, few people know any more than this!

  • Before St Andrew became a disciple, he was a fisherman.
  • He is also the patron saint of Russia, Barbados, Greece and Amalfi in Italy.
  • St Andrew was crucified on the 30th of November in an X-shaped cross in Greece.
  • St Andrew never actually came to Scotland – he was born in Galilee (now Israel) and he didn’t become Scotland’s patron saint until 1320, when the Declaration of Arbroath was signed.
Fife Coastal Path St Andrews

Take in stunning views of the Fife coast with EasyWays.

Why is St Andrew the patron saint of Scotland?

It is believed this is because he sums up the characteristics of the Scottish people. As he was a fisherman, he came from a very humble upbringing, and continued on into adult life holding charitable and compassionate morals. He strongly believed in sharing and helping others.

Celebrate with St Andrews Day Activities

st andrews day celebrations in st andrews

Don’t miss out on St Andrews activities and festivities in late November!

There are many annual St Andrews Day activities held all over Scotland. Is there anywhere more appropriate to celebrate St Andrew’s Day than in the ancient town itself? On Saturday, the 1st of December in St Andrews there will be a whole range of celebrations to get involved with, including;

  • Fireworks
  • A Torch Parade
  • A Street Ceilidh
  • Live music

Did you know?

  • The Scottish Saltire flag features a cross, which is inspired by the X-shaped cross upon which St Andrew was crucified. This cross is also known as the St Andrew’s Cross.
  • Some of St Andrew’s remains are being stored at St Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh.
  • St Andrew is considered to be the first disciple of Jesus, along with his brother, Peter.

Of course, EasyWays have a whole range of walks to enjoy, for various levels of abilities and experience. Looking ahead to summer? Think about exploring part of Scotland’s east coast by walking the Fife Coastal Path or opt for our most popular route, the West Highland Way. Walking holidays are the perfect way to discover a country’s hidden charm!
Celebrate St Andrew’s Day by booking next year’s walking holiday on the Fife Coastal Path with EasyWays.